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Dodgers' medical update: No DL planned for Manny Ramirez or Russell Martin

And on the day after, mostly good news?

Joe Torre told the media in St. Louis before Saturday’s game against the Cardinals that Manny Ramirez, who left Friday’s game in the first inning with right calf tightness, was available to pinch hit and should return to the field early next week.

That means the Dodgers think the injury isn’t as severe as his two previous right leg injuries that landed him on the disabled list. That’s the mostly good news part.

The other part, however, is that Torre cautioned that the 38-year-old Ramirez will be watched carefully the rest of the season. Torre was already resting him during day games.

How big can the kid gloves get with Ramirez?

He may not be the power slugger he was when coming to the Dodgers in 2008, but he is still a highly productive hitter when healthy (.317, eight homers, 39 RBI in 186 at-bats). And the Dodgers are clearly a better offensive team when he’s on. I said offensively.

"I think we have to keep an eye on Manny for the rest of the year," Torre said.

Torre said three muscles make up the calf, and this is not the same muscle that sidelined him previously.

Still, Manny’s looking alarmingly fragile. He’s become increasingly difficult to count upon. And you can only baby him so much.

Torre said the Dodgers will also play the next two games without catcher Russell Martin, who finally got around to admitting he injured his thumb at the beginning of the month in Phoenix.

I’m sorry, but this concealing injuries thing is not some great sign of manhood. That’s why teams have an army of trainers and physical therapists, to help deal with these things.

A.J. Ellis is starting for Martin, and Xavier Paul for Ramirez against the Cardinals. Torre said neither injured player is currently a candidate for the DL.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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smart move by Martin. be a tough guy so that you can continue to suck behind the plate and at bat.

Fashioned after the old TV show, "The Dating Game," let's produce one where Billionaire contestants share their credentials to purchase the damsel Dodgers.

Gilbert, sure, he gets a spot. Cuban, yup. I'm still up for an admittedly old Broad.

Anybody else?

and so now its Loney too?

too bad BOTH mannie-&-martie NOT heading to DL, as would be GREAT if BOTH were placed on the 60-day DL, as that would pretty well take care of the rest of the season, & we would not have to suffer/endure either of these 2 clowns anymore this year, or ever in case of mannie........
deff a case of "addition-by-subtraction"

The tigers really need a catcher. I'm just saying. . .

Tightness in his calf ?! Really, ManSham ?! So for the 170 Mil Dread has spent in the last few years, he has nothing to show for it! ManSham on suspension for 50 games last season & never again the same, & so far this season, he's a walking injury!
Of that 140, Jason Schmitt, OF Pierre, OF Jones, all gone with not a thing in return & ManSham has only been a superstar at the end of the season, 2 years back, when the BoSox paid the Dodgers to take him!
So is it ManSham just doesn't work out, or the training staff is not earning it's money ? Pulls a hammy running to first, & now "calf tightness" ?

Good riddance ManSham!

2nd paragraph above should have started with, "of that 170", not 140.


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