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Dodgers have a loss to forget, falling 8-4 to Cards and losing Manny Ramirez to leg injury


There is the heartbreaking loss, the ugly loss, the laughable loss, and then there is what-the-heck-was-that loss.

A loss like the Dodgers’ fiasco Friday in St. Louis.

It was a tad otherworldly -- Dodgers on bases all over the place but runs somehow still hard to come by, their starting pitcher suffering a blowup for the second consecutive night, and their highest-paid player again limping off into the unknown.

This is no way to start the second half. But it is how the Dodgers have gotten underway.

A warm night in St. Louis got off to the wrong kind of start when Manny Ramirez re-injured his right leg in the top of the first inning. He never did take the field, and his departure was bookended by the wrong kind of final score, an 8-4 Cardinals victory.

Manny was playing only his second game since coming off the disabled list, where a sore right hamstring had landed him. He also spent an earlier stint on the DL because of a strained right calf.

The Dodgers have initially called his latest leg problem right calf tightness, and for now are listing him day-to-day. Reed Johnson is on the DL because of a sore back, so if Ramirez has to return to the disabled list the Dodgers are in trouble. The only potential replacement outfielder on their 40-man roster is Trayvon Johnson, who is hitting well (.296, eight home runs, 37 RBIs) -- at double-A Chattanooga.

Injuries can’t explain the horrendous start to the second half by the Dodgers’ starting pitchers.

One night after Clayton Kershaw gave up four runs and eight hits in only 4 1/3 innings, Chad Billingsley one-upped him  in the ugliness department -- seven runs and 10 hits in four innings.

In the Dodgers’ first two games of the second half, Kershaw and Billingsley -- their two young, budding pitching stars -- have a combined 11.88 ERA, with 18 hits in 8 1/3 innings.

St. Louis rookie Jaime Garcia  wasn’t a whole lot better (two runs, eight hits in 3 1/3 innings), but with the Dodgers leaving 12 men on base and the Cards using Billingsley for batting practice, it made for an easy enough victory for the home team.

Five Cardinals relievers held L.A. in check and the Dodgers fell to 4-19 in St. Louis since 2004.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols congratulates catcher Yadier Molina after he hit a two-run home run against the Dodgers on Friday night. Credit: Jeff Roberson / Associated Press

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The pitching staff is gutless. Period.

Reality is the only solid pitcher the dodgers have is VICENTE PADILLA!


Say what you will about Juan Pierre, but he at least produced consistently, stayed healthy, hustled, and didn't have these "injuries" pop up -- and its sad when you can't believe your own player for really being injured. Good riddance 99! Yep, I said it.

this staff has no heart, no guts, with the exception of padilla. he's not afraid to pitch inside or even plunk a batter every now and then. two nights in a row horrible pitching. the pitching staff sure doesn't make it easy on the hitters, trying to come from behind every night! thank god this game wasn't televised in arizona!

This game was lost all due to pitching. Whenever Kershaw and Billz starts, I expect less than 4 earned runs. Billingsley is having another one of those yearly second half collapse. Kershaw gets a pass because if you only score 1 run, you will lose more often than not.
Kuroda vs Wainwright tomorrow? Good Luck!

I know it's only two games after the All-Star break, but it isn't a very good omen when your top two pitchers get lit up. I know they're on the road, but it doesn't matter. As for the left fielder who is injured once again, I've given up on him. I also see that Martin has an injury to his left hand that he's kept quiet about for a while. I guess that partly explains his .241 average. Sorry, but this team will not make the playoffs despite the efforts of Ethier, Loney, Furcal and one or two others.

Looks like there's a lot of people ahead of me regarding this wimpy pitching staff. Does the Waddling Wuss have to be taken back to the principal's office to relearn what a good pitching performance actually is? I swear this boy is in big denial! But then so is everybody else in the clubhouse. Even his battery mate is off base when he says the Waddling Wuss pitched well. Of course, Martin thinks he, himself, can play well with a bad thumb. Yeah, make a bad batting average even worse when you don't know when to take some time off to heal.
Finally, who's running this team? Sherrill in. Sherrill another home run. Sherrill out. C'mon Joe, enough is enough. Actually pitching a guy who is on waivers???!!

Bring up Trayvon Johnson and James McDonald and let's see what happens....It's this seasons Dodger strategy.

What's up with Molinas eyebrows?

I think we also have this idea that Kershaw and Bills are aces (or close to it). Kershaw I think will be one day (next 2 years...if not by then I think never, though he'll be talented). Bills we can just say, and I say this as someone who has defended him all last year, but he isn't an ace. He has the stuff to be an ace or a solid 2 starter, but in some ways he reminds me of lebron james (doesn't want to be the only guy with the ball in his hand at a tough spot, no drive to be "all-time great", just really good on a great team).

And I know this is crazy, but I'm less concerned with Martin's offense as I am with his defense...or I should say his ability to catch pitches. I'm a little old school so even though I loved Piazza, I don't expect much from my catchers offensively, but you should know how to call a game and gobble up anything in the dirt without backhanding everything.

PDXG, I found myself saying that on Thursday--but not for injuries, but rather after Manny casually handling a base hit in the field. It's been a pleasure to watch him bat historically, something of art, really; but his nonchalance as a left fielder is not only disturbing, but should make those few who play the position like their life is on the line (KC's Scott Podsednik comes to mind) cringe. I'm also looking forward to getting a left fielder

Also, with regard to your Martin comment, I agree--he's got to be first and foremost concerned with his defense, though I think he could be a much better hitter, as we've caught glimpses of in the past. Incidentally, I feel the same about Matt Kemp. His struggles with the bat don't concern me nearly as much as his poor fielding early in the season did.

Alas, the game is about pitching. And while the starters are for the most part doing okay (recent stumbles aside), the bullpen is a shambles. But I don't think we're going to see any major trades or acquisitions; this is the team that will or will not take us to the playoffs.


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