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Dodgers getting creative in the losing department, fall 5-4 when Jonathan Broxton can't hold lead

Padilla_300 The Dodgers can invent new ways to lose. Really, they still can. Painful, almost unexplainable ways.

They came up with one Sunday, one they just may remember for awhile, in ultimately getting swept in a four-game series by the Cardinals.

Despite a brilliant performance by starter Vicente Padilla (pictured at left), despite holding a 4-0 lead after seven innings Sunday, the Dodgers still left St. Louis without a victory.

The Cardinals scored three times in the eighth and then twice in the bottom of the ninth off closer Jonathan Broxton to stun the Dodgers, 5-4.

Broxton, appearing in his first game since Tuesday’s All-Star game, was trying to earn a five-out save on another blistering St. Louis afternoon.

After giving up a run-scoring single to Randy Winn in the eighth, he couldn’t finish off the Cardinals in the ninth. He threw 44 pitches on the day, reminiscent of his failed 49-pitch relief effort against the Yankees on June 27.

Broxton (3-1) surrendered a leadoff single to Yadier Molina, who was sacrificed to second. One out later, he walked Jon Jay before rookie Allen Craig singled in the tying run. Matt Holiday singled over the head of Andre Ethier in right to score the winning run, and the Dodgers had their latest crushing loss.

The meltdown wasted six shutout innings by Padilla. He also did not allow a run in the eight innings of his previous start against the Cubs.

Padilla is 3-0 with a 0.97 earned-run average in his last four starts. He also doubled in the Dodgers' first run.

The Dodgers made it a 4-0 lead when they scored three times in the seventh on a Garret Anderson pinch-hit double, a wild pitch and a walk with the bases loaded.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo credit: Jeff Roberson / Associated Press

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Is it just me, or does Broxton now always give up a line drive to right field to the first batter he faces, either when he starts an inning, or when he comes in during one? It is a hit more times than not. This seems to happen with increased frequency. Is there a way to find this out? If this is the case, why does this pattern continue without any intervention from Honeycutt? When was Broxton's last 1-2-3 inning? I sure don't remember. He's not striking people out any more. I read where he says he's now "pitching to contact." Bad habit for someone who's supposed to strike guys out. I turned this one off after the Cards tied it up. I knew what was going to happen.

Rough weekend. This is typical Dodger baseball 2010. If they expect to be around in September, they better go .500 against teams outside the west. They need a competent starter, and 2 relievers to even have a chance. Props to Padilla's much needed return. Did I mention they need timely hitting too? Either Ramirez or Blake need to pick up the slack. Seems Blake has been in a slump all year. All the things that worked last year (lucky, then.), are absent here and now. I like this team, but I'll like them better next year.

anyone else thinking we should start selling now while the value is there for some of our guys? we aren't going to win a thing even if we in some way get to the playoffs, these guys aren't tough,, they show it year after year, and we aren't going to spend a dime to get anyone to help, lets get some good (tough)young prospects and hope the team gets sold to someone who is can handle making them the champion they where rumord to once be.

This team is garbage and will not be going to the playoffs. Frank McBankrupt has made no efforts to upgrade this team and it shows. Am praying the divorce court judge requires the Dodgers to be sold and the next owner has the financial means and desire to build a winner.

Torre wants starters to go deeper so after 80 masterful pitches by the ace (yes, the ace) of the Dodger's staff he removes him with a one hit shutout going. Yes, Anderson got the hit but if it wasn't for Padilla's hit Dodgers wouldn't have had the lead in the first place. Torre pulled the chicken switch. Hope he retires. Can't watch this guy run a pen anymore. Bellisario probably drank himself to death rather than come back to that pen. Broxton is overweight and overrated. I can't listen to Dodger announcers any longer with their Goebbels-like spins on the team. Dodger talk no better. Control the message. Everything is fine. ...We are now safely buried in fourth place 5 1/2 back. See ya....

Are the Dodgers trying to battle the Angels for who has the biggest blowpen? I think Torre is overusing Broxton. He isn't Mariano Rivera.

Frank McCheap the worst owner in MLB.I call all L.A. fans to boy-cott Dodger game tickets and merchandise .

Allen Craig drove in the tying run....Matt Holliday drove the game winner in with the ball of Eithier's head.

WOW, can we get started with football season already?

"Say it aint so Joe!"

Well, THAT was ugly !

I feel Joe should have yanked JB as it was obvious he just didn't have it today. Also Kemp makes yet another mental mistake as he had the eventual winning runner off 2B, but he hem-hawed around & lost the play! Had he come up throwing, as he should have, he gets the runner too far off 2B!

That's what happens when you ask a closer to get a five-out very hot weather. There aren't many (none?) who can do it these days. Mariano Rivera was known to do it on occasion, but he's not the same pitcher he was two or three years ago.

Hey. Um, Holliday had the game-winning single. Craig had the hit that scored the tying run.

I was there, Broxton was all over the place, but you didn't need to be in St L to see it.

We need to take a deep breath and realize Broxton does not know how to locate pitches. He throws it 96-100 but to the fat of the plate.

Broxton is a thrower, not a pitcher. He needs a lot more seasoning before this team can get anywhere with him as their closer. Torre should have stopped the experiment of giving him the ball in the 8th by now. He doesn't have the strength to throw so hard so much, whether in this wilting heat or in LA, and at the same time pinpoint his pitches.

Baseball is mindlessly following the rule that the closer must close, that he must pitch in the 9th under all circumstances because he's being paid the big bucks that get paid to the closer---and damn the consequences. Losing is acceptable so long as the route the applecart takes is not disrupted before it tips over. You may as well program the games as if the manager's a robot. See today's blown job. How long must such idiocy continue without comment, er, scream?

If I was managing the Dodgers instead of Joe Torre, I can guarantee you the Cardinals would not have swept.

Katie: Yep, you are so right.Thanks, will correct.

Would someone please show the damn Padres their payroll and then show them ours? It is silly to see a sub $40M payroll winning all year. You spend-you win, right Yankees?


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