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As if the rivalry needed more juice: Giants win a wild one, 7-5, as Dodgers' losing streak hits six


Just when things were almost approaching -- yawn -- ordinary in these little Dodgers-Giants affairs, along came Tuesday night.

There were hit batters and ejections, raised tempers and acting managerial stumbles, not to mention a dramatic 7-5 comeback by the Giants that ultimately extended the Dodgers' losing streak to six games.

Rivalry renewed, or at least refreshed.

After an almost routine Giants victory the previous night, Tuesday was tense and unexpected, full of history and grudges and pitches with intent and one big comeback.

Unexpected, like the Dodgers chasing Giants ace Tim Lincecum with their five runs in just 4 2/3 innings.

The Dodgers let it be known early this wasn’t going to be a typical Lincecum night. They opened the scoring in the first on an Xavier Paul double and an Andre Ethier two-run homer.

The Dodgers made it a 5-1 game in the third with a single by Blake DeWitt and a double by Casey Blake each driving in a run.

And then things got interesting.

(First some quick background: The two teams met here on April 16, Matt Kemp hitting a home run against Todd Wellemeyer and then getting buzzed with a Wellemeyer fastball at the head in his next at-bat. Vicente Padilla later hit Aaron Rowan with a pitch that broke two of his cheek bones and sent him to the disabled list.)

So with one out in the bottom of the fifth Tuesday, Lincecum throws an inside pitch to Kemp that had him bailing out of the batter's box. The next pitch hit Kemp in the ribs.

Kemp took a step toward the mound, but home-plate umpire Adrian Johnson wisely stepped to his inside and literally steered him to first base. Johnson then warned both benches, though the Dodgers’ coaches were screaming for him to eject Lincecum.

Lincecum was gone one batter later anyway when DeWitt singled, but in the next inning reliever Denny Bautista twice threw inside at Russell Martin.

Dodgers bench coach Bob Schaefer was yelling at Johnson to eject Bautista, which only served to earn him the ejection.

It should be noted that Hong-Chih Kuo then started warming up in the bullpen. That's Kuo, who normally doesn’t appear until the eighth.

Clayton Kershaw took to the mound in a 5-4 game in the seventh … and immediately hit the next Giants batter. Which as it turns out, was Rowand.

The pitch hit him in the hip area, but got Kershaw an immediate ejection. And automatically, by rule, Manager Joe Torre with him.

Kuo worked a scoreless two innings and the Dodgers, now being managed by hitting coach Don Mattingly, went to Jonathan Broxton to close it out. that's Broxton, whom Torre had said earlier wouldn’t pitch Tuesday after his long outing on Sunday.

Of course, that was before things got all interesting.

Not that things were done.

When last seen, Broxton was blowing his save Sunday in St. Louis. Tuesday he immediately gave up a leadoff single to Juan Uribe and walked Edgar Renteria. After a bunt advanced the runners, pinch-hitter Aubrey Huff was intentionally walked to load the bases.

Which brought a mound visit by Mattingly. Or as it turned out, and was wisely picked up on and pointed out to the umpires by Giants Manager Bruce Bochy, two visits.

Mattingly was leaving the mound, when he turned and went back to mound to answer a question by first baseman James Loney. Iit constituted a second visit and meant Broxton had to leave the game.

At that point, options limited, the Dodgers went to struggling left-hander George Sherrill, who to the surprise of no one promptly gave up a two-run double to Andres Torres. Buster Posey added a run-scoring single against Travis Schlichting and a nice Dodger victory had turned into another awful loss.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers Manager Joe Torre intervenes between crew chief Tim McClelland and bench coach Bob Schaefer (right) in the sixth inning. Schaefer wanted Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum ejected for throwing at Dodgers batter Russell Martin (foreground). Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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wow, I realize there are 162 games, but this stretch is causing a sunder in the Dodger season.

belliard deserves a hefty fine for walking away from a dropped third strike...lets put the bigelow tea down and get the best effort out of what we got.

Can we deal Broxton for anyone...anyone else...and G. big fat tub of goo, why did we trade for you...?

"8.06(c): (c) The manager or coach is prohibited from making a second visit to the mound while the same batter is at bat"

Next page:

"In a case where a manager has made his first trip to the mound and then returns the second time to the mound in the same inning with the same pitcher in the game and the same batter at bat, after being warned by the umpire that he cannot return to the mound, the manager shall be removed from the game and the pitcher required to pitch to the batter until he is retired or gets on base. After the batter is retired, or becomes a base runner, then this pitcher must be removed from the game. The manager should be notified that his pitcher will be removed from the game after he pitches to one hitter, so he can have a substitute pitcher warmed up."

Broxton should have pitched to one more batter, right? The umpires stuffed this one up.

Sorry Dodger fans! It is the Giant's turn this year. Can't decide what's better---LA loses or SF wins----

How dumb can the dodgers be? Kershaw will now be suspended, Donnie Baseball doesn't know the rules, and clearly Batista wasn't throwing at Martin! Oh I love how this story blames the Giants on starting this whole thing, when in reality it started when primadonna Kemp stole a base late in the game of a blowout. Selective memory by the LA beat writer clowns.

Donny Baseball better not become the Dodgers next manager if Torre leaves. He filled out the wrong line-up card before a spring training game and now this? This is why you must do what Sandberg did and gain experience in the minors. That gaffe that caused the Dodgers to take Broxton out was embarrassing! Larry Bowa needs to be acting manager- what has Mattingly done besides being Torre's little lap dog? Then he brings in Sherrill, a pitcher who is only in the majors because he is refusing to report to AAA and then he pitch hits that hack Ronnie Belliard for a Xavier Paul? What a frustrating second half so far and the idea of Mattingly taking over for this club if Torre decides to step down is scary.

The game tonight shows the team's most glaring need with the trade deadline fast approaching. A RELIABLE CLOSER. Also, is anyone else completely confused with the whole Sherril situation? Why is he still on this team? No other team wants him, I would rather pay him not to pitch here than to pitch. He has little to no chance of becoming effective this season.

This is so funny it hurts my gut laughing! It now appears that the umpires made a "technical" mistake on top of a "technical" mistake by Donnie M. WOW what a game! Brings back memories of New York days huh. I'm a Giants fan, but I did once touch one of the Holy Grails of (Dodger) baseball, the home plate from Ebbets Field. Mickey McConnell (old head of Dodgers scouts) had it and brought it to us at Little League headquarters in Williamsport. He kept it at his house, that's where I touched it as it "glowed" and levitated in front of me. I'm the son of one of the Little League founders. I wonder if Little League Inc. ever put it on display? Walter O'Malley gave it to LL not Mickey McConnell.

dreadful, absolutely dreadful

nobody knows the rules except these players who think you're not allowed to steal bases at certain points of the game and you're not allowed to hit batters at certain points of the game. Oh, and you can't pitch to certain parts of the area near home plate.

just play baseball Dodgers, 'cause what you're doing now sure ain't

where to begin????......well, first the big, fat-pig, over-rated "broX-the-TON" was his usual horrible self -- what a TOTAL BIG FAT SLOB, & where-oh-where is kenley janson????

butt if the future is gonna be (mis-)managed by "donnie-beeezball" then dodgers are doomed to MANY, MANY LOSING seasons, as this guy is a COMPLETE ID10t!!!.......he was TOTALLY outclassed & in WAAAAAAAY over his head, & really inexcusable, as he's been around baseball all of his life, & as a former first-baseman, no doubt a part of many so-called "conferences-on-the-mound", & there is NO Xcuse for him not knowing the rule re: his "2nd-visit" -- what a total FOOL!!!!

We're digging ourselves quite a hole. Gonna be really tough to overcome 3 teams in August and September to get out of it.

First of, I'm no fan of the Giants - they're a losing organization - ever since they came west ...

HOWEVER! what better team to symbolically set the headstone over this year's L.A. team?

What`a game!

I do hope that the Dodgers see the value of managing in the minors, which Wallach is doing right now, when selecting their next manager. At 70 does that mean you lose your ability to show emotion. Why was it the bench coach and not the manager that was going crazy when Martin got the tower buzzed. I can only imagine what Tommy would have done in that situation. This team needs to have some firery emotion from their manager, both directed at them and in support of them.

Sherril should have been sent to AAA after he cleared waivers

Meantime, in a parallel universe, my White Sox are leading the division by 3.5 games; Andruw Jones has 13 homers, and Juan Pierre 34 stolen bases and is closing in on 100 hits.

Here we are: We are feeling the effects of no owner(s), a divorce, no money, a disinterested lame duck manager, an unprepared "heir to the throne," no closer, no consistent starting rotation, no bullpen, no hot hitters, nobody in the minors to bring up or to use as trade bait, mediocre defense, a horrible and juvenile Fox announcing team when Scully isn't doing the games ................... let's see, have I missed anything? Of course! Tonight we try to turn it around with the Waddling Wuss. That's right, let's see if the Wuss can pitch effectively for more than six innings. Six innings ............ his usual "quality start" win limit, if we're lucky. Personally, I'll be surprised if he makes it past the fourth.. Watch out for when he starts panicking by rotating his arms to loosen his constricting back muscles and begins to waddle down from the mound after every pitch to get the ball back from the catcher. This is going to be fun. All you "Billz" lovers, have a nice evening.
The season ain't over for us yet. But I'll be interested to see how we pull this one out!

Clarification to rule 8.06 as posted by Dylan:

Because the two visits to the mound by Mattingly occurred in BETWEEN batters, (therefore, not the "same batter at bat" as listed in the rule), the umps got it right by removing Broxton from the game.

It doesnt matter that they had to take Broxton out because he was going to blow it again. This guy never seems to have a 1-2-3 inning. He cant hang in pressure situations, which he himself puts himself into. Why the hell is Sherrill still on the roster? Manny is just giving up on the season already. Martin is a big disappointment. Kemp doesnt seem to have the brains to play this game and McCheap refuses to spend money. I refuse to go to anymore games this year until something drastic happens. What a disgusting mess this once proud franchise has turned into. 2nd biggest market with that embarrasing payroll.

This season is over. In my mind, the 2010 Dodgers were cursed by their ownership issues and never had a chance.

I didn't renew my season seats for 2010 after the exposure of the life style choices of the mega-egomanical McCheaps who simply need to disappear back into their self-absorbed world of excess and manipulation. Why Dodger fans continue to line the $$$ pockets of these repugnent fat-cats is beyond me.

Joe Torre must want to kill himself. He will not be back after this season. How can you continue to enjoy your job when you have to smile and pretend that you are immune to the daily pressure of fielding a ball club that is expected to win in a big market town without the resources or support from the front office. Ned Colletti has to go. He is Frank's puppet.

I can't wait to read Joe's tell-all book about the Dodger way of playing baseball that is sure to be a best seller, due out late next year.

On a swinging third strike where the ball makes contact with the batter he is automatically out and cannot advance. He was shown up the night before in the same exact situation when he ran to first and looked like a retard when the 22yr old Posey pointed this fact out to the home plate umpire who promply ushered the 10yr veteran into the dugout. He should be fined for swinging at breaking balls that break in the dirt on or in front of the plate in crucial situations two nights in a row. Terrible pitch recognition. Ship Manny and Martin out for a decent young arm and cut the rest of the tired veterans. Call up Jansen. We just lost our first divisional series. I'm depressed.

The umps got it wrong: the rule is clear; Broxton should have pitched to one more batter & then removed and Donnie Dumball should have been thrown out of the game.


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