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Upon further review, Dodgers won't need to see another start from Charlie Haeger

Not so fast there, Charlie.

It seems Charlie Haeger won’t need that additional start to prove to somebody, somewhere, that he’s just not ready to start in the major leagues.

Three days after activating Haeger and saying he would have to give him another start to know where the pitcher stands, Dodgers Manager Joe Torre reversed himself.

Maybe it had something to do with Haeger’s two innings of work Saturday, when he gave up two runs in two innings on three hits (though one should have been caught) and two walks.

But by Sunday, Torre was having trouble finding room for Haeger and his 8.53 earned-run average to make a start.

"I just want to see him get some action," Torre said. "I don’t know if starting is necessary now that we really can’t find a spot for him.

"[Carlos] Monasterios is pitching [Monday], and then with the off day coming on Thursday, I don’t know that [starting] is going to happen.’’

Left-hander George Sherrill is expected to come off the disabled list Tuesday, which could prove a fateful day for Haeger. Unless, of course, that turf toe flares up again.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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Man, I'm soooo glad! I don't think he was ever a solution, or a fit in our rotation. I would love to see Haren, Oswalt, or Lee in Dodger blue that's what we need.

... just another chapter in the very long story of "Clueless Joe" ...

(people here want Anderson to retire, but I say its time for Old Slow Joe to go too dammit)

You don't need a "turf toe" to put Haeger on the DL. For a knuckleball pitcher a hangnail is good enough.

The Dodgers need to cycle-in numerous replacements & augmentations.

Money isn't delivering, especially on defense, and he's not a reliable starter. If I get my wish, he'll be traded to an AL team. Paul should be the back-up.

Also, we need to see more pitchers from AAA. Give them a shot, instead of sticking with guys like Haeger.

The probability of management popping for Lee or Oswalt is very low, so we may as well experiment.


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