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This channeling all my energy into the next Dodgers post must need a little psychic intervention

Look! It’s Houdini!

Relax, I’m joking.

No, it’s Svengali!

Come on, I kid. Having a little fun. The McCourts haven’t scheduled their next séance for another week.

Actually, I would have filed this post much sooner, but I was trying my new Vladimir "Hot Hands" Shpunt approach. It’s very scientific.

I just held my hands over the keyboard and tried to will my story onto the screen. Nothing much happened, except my arms got tired. My blood pressure didn’t even rise.

Still, I felt it was in the best interest of hard-hitting journalism, or whatever aspect of it blogging holds, to at least give it a try. Honest, boss, otherwise this is up hours ago.

I just finished reading Bill Shaikin’s stunning story on Frank (it was her!) and Jamie (no, no, it was him!) McCourt hiring a Russian healer/physicist to channel his super energy from the Boston area to wherever the Dodgers were for the fifth time, just to make sure I hadn’t accidentally slipped into a lost episode of "Fringe."

Thursday was the Dodgers' first off-day after 16 consecutive games, and overall the timing could not have been better.

Not just for the team spared being asked if they think their owner(s) see dead people, but because the local sports world was so overwhelmed with news -- USC sanctions, Lakers-Celtics Finals, Pac-10 expansion, World Cup -- that Shaikin’s incredible but true story probably did not receive the play it deserved, at least not yet.

Word will get around, of course, and the feedback doesn’t figure to be pleasant for the McCourts. Unless they enjoy jokes at their own expense and lots of head shaking. Everyone will look like a giant bobblehead.

And don’t you just wonder what Commissioner Bud Selig thinks now? He is the guy who, after the McCourts did not get the Red Sox, pushed for their L.A. ownership despite serious concerns over their finances and qualifications.

Much of the country, no doubt, will think this is a very L.A. story, forgetting the McCourts are actually carpetbaggers from Boston. They'll think this is all new-age mysticism.

Actually, it’s as old as Czar Nicholas II.

There is the possibility, of course, that I am at great risk for questioning the legitimacy of Shpunt. If a guy can send positive energy 3,000 miles, who’s to say he can’t send negative energy?

I could be onto something. See, boss, this post could have been 10 to 15 percent better if only …

-- Steve Dilbeck
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Just finished reading Shaikin's piece a little while ago. And here all this time I've been staying up late, willing thru the TV for the offense to get that big hit (which they did last nite!) and for our closer to get one more out (which he did last nite!). And when I go to the ballpark? Steve Finley, blasting a grand slam to win the NL West is just one example of the games my positive energy has helped win. All this time I've been doing it for free when I could've been pulling down a cool six figures.

Does the embarrassment of being owned by the McCourts have no end?

The McCourts are no crazier than some of the evangelical nutcases pointing at the sky above the field.

Bud Selig is a moron for allowing these wack jobs to "buy" our beloved franchise. You see, there is this thing called vetting. It means checking background information before hiring someone. Obviously, there was inadequate vetting of the McCourts.

Please, Steve, stop giving carpetbaggers a bad name by associating them with the McCourts and V-Energy. Simple graft has a long and dignified history. Where as this sounds more like a front for stashing black ops cash!

"You will need to split-up for the good of the team."

"Sure, Vlady, sure. Anything else?"

"Yes, defile yourselves by telling the court and the fans you paid no taxes."

"No problem, V-Man. What else?"

"Make no trades, sit your prize bull, the highest paid player, at least a third of the time. More rest is even better."

"Can-do, and?"

"Fart, jump and whistle at the same time; twice per day, at noon and midnight, and then you'll be ready to take over first place in the division, during the second week of June."

Felt the sting from the carpetbagger line, also.

Interesting money laundering theory; problem with it for me is that ex-Mrs. McCourt was pitching (sry) this V-dude to Jayson effin Werth. Unless, that was all part of the plan, too!

Okay, I also believe it's a front. They can't be that crazy.

How's this for channelling; we all wake up and its really January 7, 1997. Peter O'Malley, instead of announcing he is selling the Dodgers, announces that the NFL has granted him the rights to a team and a stadium will be build in the back parking lot of Dodger Stadium. Mike Scioscia was named the manager when Tommy retired and we never have to endure Bill Russell (sorry Bill), Jim Tracy, Davey Johnson or Grady Little or Joe Torre (don't get me wrong I love Joe but Scioscia has always been a Dodger and he will be around a lot longer). Rupert Murdoch could have bought the Padres and the McCourts could have stayed in Boston and eventually buy the Nationals. Vinnie stays behind the mic until 2015. Hey it worked for Bobby Ewing and this is Hollywood where dreams do come true. And while I'm at it, a real baseball man is voted baseball commissioner and inter-league play is repealed.

These Dodgers are a joke,,, a sick joke.


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