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George Sherrill and Dodgers need to reach same conclusion: If it's not happening here, then give it a try at Albuequerque

June 29, 2010 |  7:23 am
George Sherrill needs to recognize his situation as much as the Dodgers.

The season is closing in on the three-month mark, and it’s not happening for Sherrill. It’s not even Neptune-to-the-sun close to happening.

And there’s absolutely no reason to believe Sherrill will wake up tomorrow and suddenly resemble the left-hander who was absolutely dominant the two months he was a Dodger last season.

What to do?

He needs to pitch regularly and try to regain his form, and not the form of the pitcher currently in possession of a 6.75 earned-run average. He needs to go to triple-A Albuquerque and attempt to get it together.

Doing so, is a bit tricky. Sherrill has over five years of major league service time in, so he can reject an assignment to the minor leagues.

The Dodgers need Sherrill. He needs to get it together.

Solution: Sherrill needs to tell the Dodgers he’s willing to pitch for Albuquerque.

It would mean designating him for assignment and then clearing waivers, but seriously, who’s going to claim him and absorb the rest of this $4.5-million contract the way he’s pitching?

Joe Torre keeps going to Sherrill remembering the left-hander he had last year. That and the fact there are only seven relievers to pick from.

Torre, however, admits he’s uncertain exactly what to do next with Sherrill.

``I don't know,’’ he said. ``The fact that we brought him in against a left-hander who hits .305 against lefties (Robinson Cano) wasn't a fair test. If we get a situation, I'm still going to go to George because I respect his experience … we need to get him back.

``I still think very highly of Sherrill. We all know what he's capable of doing.’’

Better yet, we all know what he’s done this season. He’s had almost three months to get it together here. It hasn’t worked.

He needs to inhale hard, and be willing to work it out in Albuquerque.

-- Steve Dilbeck