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For the first time this season, Dodgers actually have peace in their rotation

And now for something that could take getting used to: a Dodgers rotation that doesn’t require screaming into the night.

Dare it be said, at this ever-so-brief moment, the Dodgers’ beleaguered rotation is OK. Actually on the verge of pretty good.

It’s been three months in the making, but for this week, the Dodgers have a set, five-man rotation of their choice. Unless you want to go and get all Cliff Lee on us.

It is the first time all season the Dodgers can actually say that. They have the five guys they want -- Clayton Kershaw, Hiroki Kuroda, Vicente Padilla, Chad Billingsley and John Ely -- all healthy, all pitching reasonably well.

It’s been almost three months in the making. It’s been through the failed Charlie Haeger experiment. Losing Padilla for almost two months. An poor spot start by Ramon Ortiz. Throwing green Carlos Monasterios into the soup. Losing Billingsley to the disabled list.

But right now they have a set five and they’re all healthy. Maybe it’s not exactly Sandy Koufax-Don Drysdale-Claude Osteen-Don Sutton material, but it’s light years ahead of where they were.

They got a little lucky with the unexpected emergence of Ely. And after it appeared he hit a wall, he’s had two strong starts in a row (1.29 ERA).

Kershaw has been terrific since that ugly May 4 loss to Milwaukee, going 7-2 with a 2.38 ERA in his last 10 starts.

Kuroda has a 2.67 ERA in five June starts.

Billingsley returned from the DL to beat the Giants on Monday and set the tone for the three-game sweep.

And then there’s Padilla, who after a shaky first game back in Boston following his lengthy DL stint, has come back with two consecutive strong starts.

It’s peace in our time.

It could help steady a beaten-down bullpen. It could stabilize the Dodgers and lead them back atop the National League West.

It could also self-destruct at any moment. But for this moment, it’s as good as it’s been.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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I'm going to keep posting this on all the Dodgers blogs and stories. Can someone tell me why Garrett Anderson is still on this team? Please put him out of his misery Joe? Ned? McCheap? Someone do it please. Every time I see him in the lineup or pinch hitting, I get this feeling in my stomach. Yesterday 0 for 5 with 4 strikeouts. Enough said!

"Peace in our time." Isn't that what British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said at the conclusion of the 1939 Munich Conference which ceded the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany? Many of us know how all that ended up.
But thanks for tempering it with a bit of perspective, Steve. Yes, not even close to Koufax-Drysdale-Osteen-Sutton, or even Andy Messersmith-Tommy John-Burt Hooten- Doug Rau-Fernando Valenzuela-Jerry Reuss-Orel Hershiser. You get my drift? We may have five somewhat decent starters, but they're going to have pitch a lot better to overcome the Padres' staff or, any other rotation, if they want to advance in the post season, let along get into it.
But I am willing to be surprised.

"confetti-4-brainz" still ought to acquire cliff lee, as he would make an Xcellent 6th/spot-starter/lonnnnnng reliever!!! (LMAO!!!)

Let's see how long that lasts. I just want to see what we do when we play the phillies in August. The regular season don't mean squat unless we can win in the postseason. It's a shame that a team with so much history and fan support can't get a true ace like Cliff Lee. It frustrates the heck out of me to think that ownership won't pull the trigger and get us an ACE. Jerry Buss please help! Peter O'Malley please buy the team back! DODGER FANS DON'T DESERVE THIS!


really? they fill up the stands everytime the dodgers throw their gloves onto the field, so why should anything change?

Hey Jose C., right. Before you ask the dear beloved Peter O'Malley to buy the team back, please remember that it was Peter O'Malley who hired his crony, Fred Claire, as GM. All Fred Claire did was trade Pedro Martinez for Delino DeShields, for one thing.
And let's not forget it was Peter O'Malley who sold his and our Dodgers to the evil people at Fox who turned around and traded Mike Piazza to the Florida Marlins for ??????. And Fox didn't stop there. Remember "The Sheriff?" He was a Fox hire. Remember Kevin Brown? Remember Darren Dreifort? Remember, it was under Fox's watch that the Dodgers became such a trash heap that they were forced to sell to .......................... Frank and Jamie.
Yeah, so thanks, Peter O'Malley. Please buy back the Dodgers again so you can screw things up even more.

Since 58' so you're saying it's the O'Malleys fault that they brought the only world championships to this city? Don't forget that. The only reason we've been to the playoffs is because we play in a weak division. I'll take Peter O'Malley any day over McCheap!

It isn't so much that they traded Martinez for DeShields, because I don't think Pedro becomes great if he stayed with the Dodgers. I think the Dodgers would've wasted him.

Remember, the Dodgers had John Wetteland, too, and traded him in the Eric Davis deal. The Dodgers would've wasted Wetteland, too.

Dear Myron and Jose C., you can speculate all you want, but the fact remains that O'Malley sold the Dodgers to Fox. Fox sold the Dodgers to McCourt. The last World Series victory came about because Kirk Gibson fell into Fred Claire's lap and the team had an unbelievable season, no thanks to Peter O'Malley. But you guys can dream on.

Kuroda - the best of a sorry to mediocre lot; #1 by default he would make a marvelous #2 or #3.

Kershaw - 'the next Koufax' is still just that; present day, he's Clayton and an adequate #2 on his good days.

Billingsley - epilectic inning to outing/1st half season to 2nd and post...just when you think there's light at the end the tunnel - cave in tendencies/inconsistency reappears.

Padilla - veteran presence but does that make him #3 or #4? A career 4.35 ERA that hasn't seen sub 3.00 since 2003 and his 4th team in a decade suggests the latter.

ely - his highs come courtesy the dregs the NL, his troubles when he faces the better teams - fortunately for him, the NL 2010 is full of also rans mostly. His velocity like his game moreso makes for old Schmidt than young Maddux; #5 at best.

All in all, a starting five that is good enough to get you beat decisively in a short or long post-season series (not that LA is going to be there this fall.)

These Dodgers Suck... U are so right !
Todays fan has no clue.. They buy into Dodger 'marketing'..
Most of those idiots in the stands think this club is championship caliber, but the only winner is Frank Barnum...or, is it Frank Bailey ??
Todays fan will mortgage 'their' future to attend games and pay ridiculous prices at the 'park'...


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