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Dodgers-Yankees: Old friends bickering over baseball

June 25, 2010 |  7:52 pm
This series has everything: Manny Ramirez-Alex Rodriguez, Joe Torre-Joe Girardi, Sheldon Berger-Frank Filardo.

That last duo might have thrown you for a loop.

The latter of the group are friends and co-workers. One from the heart of Southern California -- the San Fernando Valley. The other a New Yorker.

I met Berger and Filardo going down the escalator as Berger hissed at his close friend’s big navy blue jacket.

The two might bicker like they’re not having a good time, but the jabs are all in fun. Berger said he and Filardo look forward to the Yankees-Dodgers matchup in interleague play.

“We can’t stand it, we love it so much,” Berger said. “We just love this kind of stuff because I’m a born and bred Southern California, Valley boy. He’s from New York City and a Yankee fan.”

The perfect friend, Berger brought Filardo out to the game for a birthday gift.

Maybe good ol’ Filardo will get a win on his special day.

-- DeAntae Prince