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Dodgers put single-game Yankees tickets on sale

In February, the Dodgers said fans could not buy tickets to see a New York Yankees game without buying tickets to at least 13 other games.

In April, the Dodgers said fans could not buy tickets to see a Yankees game without buying tickets to at least six other games.

Dodgers spokesman Josh Rawitch said on both occasions that the club believed it could sell out the Yankees series (a three-game set that begins Friday at Dodger Stadium) via ticket packages but would put single-game tickets on sale if available.

They're available as of Tuesday morning, via In the "special offer code or password" field, enter NYTWEET. 

-- Bill Shaikin

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Anyone who believes one word that comes out of McCourt's mouth deserves exactly what they get.

Frankie and Dennis Mannion. These two make the guys who run the shell game or 3-card-monte look like saints.

Hmm, guess people weren't exactly breaking down the doors to buy those ticket packages, were they? Nice try, Dodgers (er, I mean Frank).

How about the schmucks who bought tickets through the Dodger official ticket bidding process last week with some seats bidding starting at $500 bucks. Doesn't the commish have any control over these Madoff-like tactics? I mean, the Dodgers were scalping their own tickets. I looked on line today and their were plenty off tickets in all price ranges. What gives?

WOW! I didn't like the idea in the first place, and now all those people that bought the plan would be upset if they find out. No wonder it is a secret password. What's next, raised parking prices? Nevermind, he did that already. Or raising ticket prices on seats that haven't received the proposed stadium upgrades yet? Nevermind he did that too. Cliff Lee for Matt Kemp is the only way I pay this year. I'm jumping off the Kemp bandwagon again. I think the silver slugger award and gold glove went to his head.


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