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Andre Ethier's opposite makes Dodgers' 2010 draft a family affair

June 9, 2010 |  6:15 pm
The Dodgers selected a player in the 32nd round of the draft Wednesday who Andre Ethier swears is his exact opposite.

His brother, Devon Ethier.

``He’s right-handed,’’ Andre said. ``He’s 5-11. Skinny. Pretty much every opposite.

``Quiet, doesn’t say a word. Listens. Doesn’t talk back. Everything you could be opposite, he’s opposite of me. I think the staff was glad to get an Ethier who won’t give them any problems.’’

Devon is a 6-foot, 160-pound pitcher/outfielder, 10 years younger than the 28-year-old Andre.

Andre said assistant general manager Logan White approached him earlier about the possibility of drafting his brother.

``Logan came up to be and asked me, and I said, `I’m sure he would be interested if he drafted him and it would be exciting for him and our family, especially for me,'’’ Andre said. "I never thought he’d get the chance to be in the same organization as me. He’s 10 years younger. It’s pretty neat.’’

Devon played at GateWay Community College in Phoenix, where he enjoyed modest success as a reliever (1-2, 4.70 ERA, 27 hits, 0 strikeouts in 23 innings) and outfielder (.315, 34 runs, 16 RBIs in 127 at-bats).

``He’s more about pitching,’’ Andre said. ``Hits low line drives, singles-type guy who gets on base. I think he’s has a decent stuff pitching, he just hasn’t really been coached well.

``It’s a thing where it’s a good opportunity for him to play pro ball and get a chance to experience it for a couple of years, and see where it takes him.’’

Andre said when he was drafted out of junior college, he was picked in the 36th round. After transferring to Arizona State, he was later selected in the second round.

The brothers spoke on the phone Wednesday morning after Devon had been selected. Andre said he hadn’t warned him it could be coming.

``He was caught off guard, shocked,’’ Andre said. ``I think it was the last thing he expected. I just let it be a surprise.’’

If the Dodgers think it’ll be a snap to sign Devon, they’d better be wary of his agent.

``I’ll do his negotiating,’’ Andre said. ``I know the ins-and-outs.’’

Continuing a baseball trend in this year’s draft, the Dodgers also kept it in the family by taking right-hander Chad Wallach in the 43rd round.

Son of triple-A Albuquerque manager and ex-Dodger, Tim Wallach, Chad completes the Wallach family affair. Brothers Matthew and Brett are already in the Dodgers' organization.

__ Steve Dilbeck