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Ramon Ortiz can't get it done, again, as Dodgers' winning streak ends at nine in 10-5 loss to Padres


Can we now all agree the Ramon Ortiz experiment has been a failure?


I guess the only person who was shocked that Ortiz got knocked around Wednesday by the offensively challenged Padres is Manager Joe Torre.

Anyway, he has to feign surprise. He does, of course, have to write someone’s name into that fifth spot in the rotation until Vicente Padilla comes back in a couple weeks.

And if there is no clear choice who should be the fifth starter, it should be abundantly clear by now it sure ain’t Ortiz.

Ortiz was rocked for five runs on six hits and three walks in just 3 1/3 innings. His earned-run average climbed to 6.30, his record fell to 1-2, the confidence level in him slipped to zero.

The Dodgers ultimately fell, 10-5, to the Padres, snapping their nine-game winning streak and dropping them two games behind San Diego in the National League West standings.

Until last week, Ortiz hadn’t started a major-league game since 2007. There’s just a small possibility there was good reason for the nearly three-year drought.

I’d say I don’t understand the fascination with Ortiz, but it’s more about a lack of viable alternatives.

There is no one at triple-A Albuquerque who is making a case for promotion -- Josh Lindbom (2-1, 6.05 ERA), Josh Towers (2-5, 8.05), James McDonald (2-1, 5.77), Scott Elbert (1-1, 5.85).

There’s really nobody on the staff, either, though at this point Carlos Monasterios looks like a gamble worth taking over another Ortiz outing. Monasterios threw three scoreless innings Wednesday in his first appearance in eight days.

It’s not like Ortiz is suddenly going to make some jump in ability or experience. He’s 36. He is what he is, and it’s not good enough.

--Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers starting pitcher Ramon Ortiz delivers a pitch against San Diego on Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Kirby Lee / US Presswire

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Why not give Weaver a shot at starting? He was reasonably effective in the limited number of games he started last season and he could buy some time for the Dodgers until Padilla is back.

YES, ABSOLUTELY, both "ortiz-Xperiments" have been huge failures.....
& worst effect of this is that knuckle-head "hey-gurl" (SADLY!) will soon be back pitching -- & LOSING -- in rotation!!!

Compared with Ortiz, even Charlie Haeger has a huge upside.

Couldn't be a more striking example of Dodger money not being spent than last nights matchup. Little market San Diego currently in first with the best pitching in baseball threw their Number one pitcher Jon Garland (5-2) at us. This is a guy we wouldn't put on the playoff roster. He didn't have his best stuff obviously. But it was enuff to beat LA. We threw a guy who was out of baseball for two years! Ortiz is paid ONE MILLION. Garland is paid FIVE MILLION. You get what you pay for. In a normal world Ortiz would be on the Padres and Garland on the Dodgers, but ah the McCourt divorce. Don't mention it.

I still never got why Ortiz 1 or Ortiz 2 made the roster? I know the Dodgers are down to one Ortiz, but that is even to many. I would rather see a 25 year get the call with a chance to improve or shine. I think Torre just likes to be surrounded with people closer to his age in the dugout.

Ortiz stinks. However, most, if not every team, has at least one bad starter. Even the Giants have to turn to Todd Wellemeyer every now and then (like last night) with similar results to what the Dodgers got with Ortiz.

That being said, you know what you're going to get with Ortiz. I'd rather see Torre give the opportunity to stink to Monasterios, or bring up Elbert or McDonald. At least there's the chance they will improve or do better. At least the Giants, Rockies and DBacks lost too.

Here is my question. If Padilla is activated, what happens to Ortiz and Ely? Ely has options but has been winning and of his starts only had one outing, his first. Ortiz was signed as a free agent and if sent down can opt out and sign with anyone. Logically, one would opt to keep Ely and drop Ortiz but I have a feeling that Torre would keep Ortiz on for the veteran experience and send Ely back down. I do feel that Monasterios, the rule 5 pick is a drag on the team and should be sent back to Philly. Coletti, tell your boss to open his checkbook and get a quality starter. The Dodgers need a quality starter, and two decent starts by Kershaw and Billingsly make me comfortable. Also, after this year, get rid of Sherril. He has had his moment but whatever mojo he had is gone. :)

It is typically of Torre to give a chance to a veteran instead of a yougster (Monasterios) who has pitched well and deserves a chance to start. Given the success of Ely, I don't why he doesnt't trust his young pitchers. Ortiz has been awful.

Couldn't agree with you more on this one. Go with Monasterios, bring someone (anyone) up, let Loney pitch, go with a 4-man rotation, or initiate the new "let a fan pitch" promotion on every 5th day. Just please don't send Ortiz back out there again!

Yeah, let Monasterios have a shot before Padilla gets back. It sucks that those 4 minor leaguers are sucking - they are a substantial part of our future hopes, or at least trade bait if they were doing any good.

If Padilla pitches like he did last year for the Dodgers and the rest of the staff doesn't implode, things could be OK for the Dodgers.

Any aces looking to be available at the dead line?

Excellent point Hollywood. However, i'm going to beat my favorite dead horse yet again. Letting Stults go looks worse and worse at every turn. 4RHP's were chosen over Stults. Given Montesario's age and upside he is the only reasonable exception to my argument. Torres time spent facing Wakefield creates an irrational atrraction for Torre so there was no way Haeger was going to get cut. That leaves the flying Ortiz'. There situations and springs were identical. You knew breaking from spring that they were coming out of the pen, why not the lefty for a greater impact on situational decisions? Now even Torre realizes Ely can pitch, he's staying, Ramon will be cut when Padilla comes back; meaning both Ortiz' will be gone and Stults is pitching in Japan. Talk about lose, lose. Let's add another lose. Does anyone actually belive Haeger's heel has had any affect on his performance considering how complex his mechanics are? He's out of options too. It looks to me as if 3 out of the four chosen by Torre are not even going to be on the club and we aren't a third of the way through the season. Ugh...sigh...

couldn't agree more, n.p.krohn. i have been beating the stults train for a long time. he was treated like dirt by this organization yet he is the only guy to throw a complete game shutout for us in the last two years, and he had two of them!! he had one bad inning in the spring and for that he was just dumped. management's decision-making on the pitching staff was horrible. ned has no right to call out kemp, he failed miserably this winter/spring to fill out this staff and the team has paid for it. BTW, if padilla is activated and ely is sent down, i will then know that all sense has completely deserted torre, ned and the rest of the jokers in that front office.


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