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Pair of Dodgers minor leaguers are given credit for helping save life of motorcyclist who hit a turkey

Now here's a story you don't run across every day …

A pair of Dodgers' prospects in Midland, Mich., are being given credit for helping to save a life last Sunday.

The pair of Single-A Great Lakes players from the Dominican Republic were passengers in a car on the highway when they saw a motorcyclist in front of them hit a turkey.

The motorcyclist crashed and was in serious condition. Second baseman Rafael Ynoa, 22, and right-hander Elisaul Pimentel, 21, were on their way to a doubleheader in a car fortunately being driven by a nurse.

They stopped and the players and a fourth passenger administered first aid as directed by the nurse until an ambulance arrived.

"It was bad," Ynoa told The Midland Daily News. "I was so scared. We thought he was dead. We ran and we helped him."

Family members credited the foursome with helping save the life of Terry Whittington. He was previously in a coma but the Daily News said his condition has improved.

And, yeah, we said a turkey.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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aside from the cyclist / who cares?

( and please dont say, "the turkey" ... )

TORRE HAS TOO MUCH TRUST IN BROXTON. Should have stayed with Kuo. Broxton doesn't have too much versatility in close games IMO

Given that Broxton is the most unhittable closer in the majors - look at the numbers - why should Torre not trust him?

What happened to the turkey?

Ten years ago I had my gall bladder removed and my roomie was a guy from Canada that hit a wild turkey flew into while he and his buds were motorcycling through a senic road in central calif. He was MESSED UP. His brand new BMW was only scratched, though. He sold it to a hospital employee for $1500 and said he'd never ride again!


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