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Why McCourts' divorce could mean this is Joe Torre's last season with the Dodgers

Torre_300 If you’re Joe Torre, would you want to come back to this organization next season?

I don’t think so. Not the way things currently stand, anyway. Either as manager or front office executive.

Torre has accomplished too much and been around too long to spend his final years in baseball helping lead an organization financially hampered by owners who seem more intent on having their pillows fluffed every night than fielding a winning baseball team.

The Dodgers are in financial limbo while Frank and Jamie McCourt go through their ugly little divorce.

Torre will be 70 in July. He doesn’t need all this at this point in his career. He’s in to win. And if owners aren’t willing to supply him the necessary parts (see: Dodgers rotation), then despite previous comments, he could easily be moving on.

Now before you assume that would probably mean retirement, check out this video report from Fox baseball reporter Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal, previously a veteran baseball scribe for the Baltimore Sun, said unnamed friends of Torre have told him if the ownership situation with the Dodgers doesn’t improve, Torre likely won't be back. Rosenthal speculated that the Mets, Cubs or Braves could be interested in his services.

Not exactly what anyone had in mind when Torre arrived here three seasons ago.

Torre has talked of possibly managing the Dodgers one more year before moving into an unspecified front-office position with the Dodgers.

But if the team payroll is declining and the chances of capturing another championship are dwindling, why would he come back?

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Joe Torre hugs Frank McCourt after being announced as the Dodgers' manager in 2007. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

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one word / M O N E Y

Thanks for that information, Steve.

Money has nothing to do with it any one of these teams mentioned could pay him as much as the Dodgers could.

He has the money. And he can still get the money. But obviously not from the McCourts.

I'm a pretty loyal Dodger fan, but I'm so glad I'm staying home and watching the games with Vin's smooth voice making the bad games easier to take.

I thought I'd read that Scully MIGHT come back next year -- but at this point, he, too, must find the prospect of retirement much more appealling.

At 637k amonth to Jamey, parking should go up $1.00, Dodger dogs $.50 and trade Manny, Frank will be all-right and we can all have a huge sigh of relief. We can`t let our Frankie boy suffer. Let keep going to the games because "who cares." By going to the game we can keep the McCourts in the style that we made them become accustom to. We don`t want a winner in L.A. This ain`t NYC. OR Boston. We do not want to get spoiled. Thanks Frank

Hey, let's look at it from a glass half-full approach. Just think how depressing being a Dodger fan would be if they were this mediocre and had actually spent any money on players this year? This way, it was obvious the organization wasn't trying to field a complete team, so we could see this trainwreck coming.

Torre might retire? Please keep up the agita, Frank and Jamie!

Could this be the last year for the McCourts instead?


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