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If that was it for now from Xavier Paul, at least he knows how to leave an impression on Dodgers

Some people just know how to make an exit. It’s a knack. Leaving ’em wanting a bit more, knowing they’re going to be missed.

Like Xavier Paul.

Paul had himself a fine little game Sunday in Denver. He went one for three, drove in the go-ahead run and then scored the eventual winning run. Made a superb running, leaping catch of a Carlos Gonzalez drive deep into the right-center gap in the seventh.

If Andre Ethier is activated Monday as expected, that was likely Paul’s last game for the Dodgers. At least for a while.

Paul is expected to be sent back to triple-A Albuquerque to make room for Ethier on the 25-man roster.

Unless the Dodgers unexpectedly decide they’ve given Garret Anderson (.158) enough rope, Paul’s next game will be for the Isotopes.

Now if you compare the numbers of Paul and Anderson, as’s Robert Timm did, it could be easy to argue Anderson is the guy who should go.

But if you believe Paul would  benefit from playing every day and that Anderson’s experience will eventually prove beneficial, then Paul needs to go down … for now.

Paul has been a productive offensive player, batting .281 with nine runs, six RBIs and three stolen bases in 57 at-bats.

He's had his misadventures in the outfield, but there is little doubt the 5-foot-9 Paul is a talent.

And, it seems, he knows how to make an exit.

--Steve Dilbeck
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How about sending ManRam out of here. Is he hurt or something or is Torre nutz? ManRam has started 4 games in the last 8 days (seven games); he's had 4 days off. Playing 50% of the time for $20 mill is not getting a bang for your buck, especially when the moronic owner needs that dough for THE DIVORCE.

I agree, send ManRam packing - watching these this out of shape version of a former all star hobble to the plate 8 - 10 a week has now become just another excuse to check on the laundry or duck into the restroom.
I mean, I'd rather watch Lasorda waddle to the mound to throw out another symbolic first pitch than watch this guy take another called "strike three!".

on the other hand, there's a series coming up against Cincinnati isn't there? Perhaps there are a few dozen Manny bobble-heads in a closet somewhere at the stadium that McCourt Co. could use as motivation for an encore performance? Just for old-times sake ...

Can't wait to see what Paul does for the Dodgers every day next year and he will get the chance. I think it'll be a matter of years before the Dodgers make a splash in the free agent pool and this kid is not really a kid any more. This team is so young and balanced in the field with the exception of the left side; and that should make for exciting competition between Gordon and DeJesus Jr. If they have any kind of a year this year they will be competing with Carrol for the starting SS job. I believe Blake is signed through '11 but looking ahead to '12, the combination of Logan White and his crew doing a good job and McCourt's divorce mandated frugality the Dodgers could well be fielding 9 quality players all under 30 who've never worn a major league jersey that didn't have Dodgers written across the chest in big looping cursive letters. Don't think that's happened in decades for any club. And the Dodgers will be a strong club. Pretty heady stuff.

If you want to compare Paul with the current version of Garret Anderson, obviously there's no contest.
But I'd feel a lot worse if they sent Paul down if he'd shown some long ball power.
No doubt he'll eventually make the team, since he's the type of player the Dodgers usually like.


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