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Ely is coming? Looks like he's arrived in Dodgers' 13-3 victory over Diamondbacks

Ely_300 Wow, aren’t the Dodgers lucky that Charlie Haeger’s heel starting acting up?

Otherwise, John Ely can’t be recalled from triple-A Albuquerque. He can’t start Tuesday against the Arizona Diamondbacks. And he can’t outpitch Arizona ace Dan Haren and earn his first major league victory.

Ely, the right-hander acquired in an off-season trade with the Chicago White Sox for Juan Pierre who had never pitched above double A until April, gave the Dodgers and their rotation some much needed hope.

Showing his last outing against Milwaukee was no fluke, he was once again brilliant for six innings.

During one stretch, he retired 12 of 13 batters. Through six innings, he gave up only two hits.

When the Diamondbacks got two hits to start the seventh inning, Manager Joe Torre took him out. The bullpen, again, let him down, as both runners scored.

But it remained a stellar performance by Ely, who turns 24 on Thursday, and the Dodgers went on to a 13-3 victory.

For the second consecutive start, he did not walk a batter. He went after hitters. He looked like a veteran, not someone making only his third career start.

He must be a frustrating pitcher to hit against. Ely doesn’t throw that hard, his pitches don’t have any unusual movement. But he’s around the plate, mixes speeds and keeps batters off-balance. He pitches.

Haren recorded his first nine outs via strikeouts. And Ely was not intimidated. He just kept going back out there, maybe appearing a little nervous, but pitching with complete cool.

Ely, who has a passing resemblance to Mathew McConaughey, is 1-1 with a 3.86 earned-run average. And growing confidence.

Three good starts is not a guarantee of anything, but for a troubled rotation with only three real starters, it at least offers much needed promise.

--Steve Dilbeck

Photo: John Ely throws against the Diamondbacks on Tuesday. Credit: Ross D. Franklin / Associated Press.

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As bad as we need starting pitching why not give James McDonald another shot?

Could Ely be one of the most pleasant surprises of the year?

This is very good news. Three good starts is a great start. Start of a hope the Dodgers will rise out of last place.

in the "ned-colletti-i-have-confetti-for-brains" world of reasoning, it is now, of course, high-time to ship ely back to the minors????

i'm ready to jump on the ely bandwagon - the team needs him!

I got to see Ely pitch on his second start -- the night of Ethier's grand slam walk off -- at Dodger Stadium and from looking at him, you would not know he is only almost 24. He was totally composed and calm. It was great to watch.

I'm loving that Juan Pierre trade more and more...

John Ely also has a passing resemblance for a younger Steve Lyons.

For all the Ned bashing going on, he did get Ely in the Pierre trade.

Mathew McConaughey? I see more of an Avatar face

Love the way this kid pitches. Relies most on his fastball even thought it's not his best pitch. Throws inside/outside for strikes, setting up his off-speed pitches, all with clear predetirmined roles and locations. His best pitch is his change, preferring to throw low and inside to both lefties and righties(generally a RHP will throw it low and away to LHB's). More interesting is his use of the slider. He throws it nearly every extended at bat, always high, rarely off the plate. I've seen it called for a strike a few times in his three starts, but last night Uptons single to left was the first time anyone hit it fair for a hit. Dangerous pitch but he seems to know just when to throw it. The real sign of his maturity thought is how he saves his curve. He doesn't throw it every inning and almost never to consecutive batters and it could be 0-1 or 2-1 when he throws it but i've never seen him throw it for a ball. His saavy and command bely his age. I love how he crackles with nervous energy on the hill and hope experience and age do nothing to dampen that. This guy may never be an ace but he will never be overwhelmed no matter the line up or the oposing pitcher. Can't wait to see him in the playoffs.

That was clever of Joe to run up Haren's pitch count by having his guys strike out for the first 3 innings. Reminded me of Ali's rope-a-dope against Foreman. Kudos to Ely for, in the end, outpitching Haren.

Interesting that Ely did his fine work and got his first major league win right after being called up, while beating Arizona and their ace Dan Haren. Interesting because the last time that scenario enfolded, it was tonight's pitcher Edwin Jackson, only he was pitching for the Dodgers and the man he knocked off for win number one after being called up, was then Diamondbacks ace, Randy Johnson

Ely has pitched wonderful--nice over hand change up. He won 14 in double A last year which is pretty tough to win that many games in the minors considering they have a shorter season and scheduled 7 inning doubleheaders which means less starts. Just someone please tell Ely not to swing when he bats. Stepping in the extreme bucket like he does makes me cringe. He only had 3 bats in the minors & now coming to the NL he has to bat all the time when he pitches--just stand there & maybe they'll walk you.


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