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Dodgers activate Andre Ethier, send down Xavier Paul

Xavierpaul_300 Xavier Paul, see ya. See ya, soon?

Well, it’s not exactly scheduled, but at least he’s made it seem inevitable.

Paul, as completely expected, was sent back to triple-A Albuquerque prior to Monday’s game against the Diamondbacks to make room for the activation of Andre Ethier.

Paul wasn’t exactly lights out in his second stint this season with the Dodgers, but he was certainly much more good than bad. Certainly good enough that the next time the Dodgers need to call up an outfielder he is the obvious candidate.

Paul is 25 and does a lot of things very well. He’ll hit, collect extra-base hits, put down the bunt and run the bases well. The only thing missing offensively is true home-run power. He’ll get a few, but he’s never going to be the 30-home run guy you’d prefer in a corner outfielder.

Defensively, he’s all over the place. Looking like he doesn’t have a baseball instinct in him one moment, and then making a terrific play the next. Still, he’ll make a lot more good plays than bad.

He hit .286 with a double and five RBIs in his 10 games since being called up May 18 when Ethier went on the disabled list.

He may not be a franchise player, but he’s 25 and versatile and figures to only get better with the additional regular playing time he’ll get at Albuquerque. At some point, he’ll be back.

--Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers outfielder Xavier Paul flies out against the Cubs in Chicago last week. Credit: Tannen Maury / EPA

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why is garret anderson employed?

What is so crazy about the demotion of Paul is that yes Garrett Anderson used to be able to hit HR's, but I would bet dollars to doughnuts that at his present rate Anderson at most will hit 6. Paul might hit only 1-2, assuming they got the same AB's. However, the amount of doubles, versatility would more than make up the 4-5 HR difference.

I say make a move at the deadline and bring back the original Peanut - D. Young from the Pirates. He is consistently in the top five in PH every year. The X Man will make a great 4th OF next year!

Garret Anderson WAS a good (maybe even great) player. The key word here is "WAS". Don't get me wrong... I loved the guy when he was the Angels right fielder, but if he wasn't good enough for the Angels to even offer him a contract (at any amount of money) why on earth did the Dodgers sign him? Xavier Paul will probably never be a Hall of Famer, but he will certainly grow into his skills as a solid player once he gets onto someones' 25 man roster. He can play a lot of positons, will hit .280 and steal some bases. He'll never clear waivers once the Dodgers have screwed around with him until he is "out of options". Joe Torre will tell you that Paul is better off playing AAA and getting regular at bats, but I'm willing to bet Paul would disagree. So do I. Sad to say it, but it's time to say farewll to Garret & give this kid a chance.

SERIOUSLY, it's time to CAN Garret "Stinks At The Plate" Anderson. Really JT, forget about his veteran knowledge and smiles on the bench and just look at his freakin AB stats! In freakin FORTY-TWO (42) game appearances, GA is now 12-for-77 at the plate (.156) with only 7 RBI's and 3 walks. Why send down X to the minors again? Paul has a glove, speed on the field / basepads AND can bunt or play a heck of a lot smarter at the plate. And X ain't hitting no Buck Fifty-six at the plate either. - - - - - - Neddy and Joe-T, here's an encrypted message for you: DFA GA ASAP!!! (DFA = Designate For Assignment, and sorry, rant now over)


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