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Dodgers prospect Lambo suspended 50 games [Updated]

Outfielder Andrew Lambo has been suspended 50 games for violating baseball's drug policy, the commissioner's office announced today.

The suspension resulted from "a second positive test for a drug of abuse," according to the announcement.

Under baseball's drug policy, any positive test for steroids results in a suspension. A first positive test for a "drug of abuse"--including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, heroin and LSD--is not disclosed publicly and does not result in a suspension.

In keeping with baseball's policy, the announcement did not state the particular drug for which Lambo tested positive.

"The Dodgers are disappointed to learn of this news," a team statement said, "and we fully support Major League Baseball's drug policy and its penalties. The organization does not condone the use of any substance not sanctioned by MLB's medical staff."

Lambo, 21, ranked by Baseball America as the Dodgers' top outfield prospect, is batting .342 in 19 games at double-A Chattanooga.

The Dodgers selected him from Newbury Park High in the fourth round of the 2007 draft, and Baseball America reported he would have been drafted higher had clubs not been concerned "after he got caught smoking marijuana as a high school sophomore."

-- Bill Shaikin

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50 games ? for his second offense ?!! Selig, get a brain & give them a year off, without pay for the second & they K on the 3rd strike! This punishment is far too weak, for a second offense!
And to Lambo, a neighbor here in Ventura Coucnty, why don't you grow up & act like a man! You have talent & have the chance to progress in this game you allegedly love & then get overpaid for so doing, but if it were me, you would be banned for this entire season & then you get caught again, you are gone from this game, forever!

Finally, an LA beat writer that speaks the truth, unlike DH who hasn't the guts to call out a player & on this current collection of narcissistic players & those that think they need no coaching!

First, Dread needs to move Martin for a more solid catcher, one that can throw out runners at 2B, one that needs to drive the ball & not swing for the fences each at bat & one who will not argue with the umpire, each & every time he takes a called 3rd strike with runners in scoring poisition He, of all players, need not whine all game long with the Umps! His numbers have all gone down, progressively, the 4 years he's been a starter.

Next, move Bills. The kid is still young, throws hard, but as with many players in MLB, he just doesn't seem to pitch well in the his own system; the pressure of the big market, the Dodger philospohy, whatever, he should be a far better pitcher by now & he's just not. Trade him for an established SP or a few top prospects from another team as he may well do better in another city.

And I want to hear Dread Colletti come out & TRY & explain why he thought, in his muddled mind, this team didn't need a Roy Halladay! He's 5-1, 3 complete games, 2 shutouts, a Strikeout to Walk ratio of 39-4, an ERA of 1.47, & a WHIP of .88; plus he eats a lot of innings. And the young pitchers can learn from this guy.

No, you bonehead of a GM, we didn't need a SP like him right about now! So the Phils, who beat us last season, get a true ace & step ahead while we lose our most consistent SP & we step back, regardless of Dread saying right before the season opener, this team is even better than last year's team!

First, Frank, sell to a true baseball man, who in turn will fire this poor excuse of a GM, in Dread Colletti & it was a joy to watch Joe play w/ a season of .363, & a fine glove but he & his managing style have been bypassed by a different game & we need a younger manager that manages his pitchers better, a manager that will at least consider a sac. bunt, a bunt for a hit, or to have his batter hit to the right side to move the runners a long, etc. His Tommy Lasagna style of everyone trying to swing for the fences isn't working! Dread's trying to build the best back up team in MLB is a joke - none of these guys are game changers & until he lands a quality SP, then replaces ManSHam with a young stud of an OF, this team will be what it is; which is not much.

I love the Dodgers, & have for over 40+ years & this is why it hurts to see this once great team as it has been since Gibby's blast 22 years back!

This country is schizophrenic. Anheuser-Busch owned by John Mccain's wife can sponsor the superbowl and we can all get drunk even in the stadium while we watch, and this guy gets suspended for using a drug safer than alcohol?

I guess what they say is true character issues never seem to fade. How boneheaded is this kid first he falls from a 1st round draft pick. Second he had a chance to fight for a starting spot on the Major league roster next year and that is scrapped. He is going to need more seasoning. Luckily for you Lambo the organization will give you another chance but that will be the last

How come nobody ever comments about Ned Coletti's hairpiece? It is so obvious and looks so fake.

what a TOTALLY dysfunctional organization the Dodgers have become!!!!!!!.......
so tragic, a once-proud franchise, now reduced to little more than a 3-ring circus!!!!
perhaps Barnum & Bailey shall become the "new" owners????

It's a shame. Lambo was finally starting to hit. No matter I really like X.Paul.Of what i've seen from him last year or so he seems to be an ideal no 2 hitter and though he doesn't have the power of Kemp and Ethier, few do and you won't see as many wasted at bats as you do from the Dynamic Duo. He plays a better left field than any Dodger I've seen and that will play big as he plays more. We should have the best young outfield in baseball for the next few years.

Hey, wes, Anheuser-Busch isn't owned by Cindy McCain - she just owns a distributorship. AB is owned by In-Bev, a Dutch company. It's not American beer any more. Like most of America, what we consume is made in other countries. Including our sports stars.


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