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Dodgers get a hometown performance to remember for John Ely, and a day to forget from Xavier Paul in 1-0 loss to Cubs

That was a nice story the Dodgers had going Thursday, John Ely returning to his hometown and pitching like it was just another start at nearby Flossmoor High School.

Fabforum For seven innings he was not only as brilliant as he had been since dropping in from the baseball heavens to help stabilize the Dodgers’ rotation, he was probably even better.

But in the eighth he gave up a pair of hits that were both misplayed by Xavier Paul in right field, and that led to the only run in the Dodgers’ 1-0 loss to the Cubs.

It was the second time in three games that the Dodgers couldn’t manage a run against the Cubs. They lost 3-0 on Tuesday.

Ely (3-2) was just short of spectacular, allowing four hits and the one run in 7 1/3 innings, walking two and striking out four. Remember, this is a kid who had never pitched above Double-A until this season.

Ely grew up on the Southside of Chicago a White Sox fan. His family are such die-hard Sox fans that his father refused to attend Ely’s Chicago debut Thursday in Wrigley.

His father missed a performance that deserved a better ending. It might have happened, too, if Paul had not looked so completely lost in right.

Paul plays the outfield like someone with zero baseball instincts, not someone who has been in the Dodgers’ organization for eight years.

Mike Fontenot lined a leadoff hit to right that Paul took a bizarre direct line on, missing the ball, crashing into the wall and even losing his glove in the process. Fontenot, who had just entered the game as a defensive replacement, ended up with a triple.

One out later, Tyler Colvin hit a ball similar to Fontenot that was just fair and Paul again took a direct line, overran the ball and ran into the wall. This time it was ruled a double and error.
-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: John Ely pitches Thursday. Credit: Jerry Lai, U.S. Presswire.


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Soooooooooo, what's the story? Great pitching, no hitting. Great hitting, no pitching. Make up your mind Dodger players. Remember last year, Randy Wolff, would have had more than 25 wins, had it not been for the anemic hitting the Dodgers displayed when he pitched. Don't let it happen to Ely.

I hate losing these kind of games. This must have been the third or fourth time this season the team wasted a great pitching performance by our starting pitchers.
Is Joe Torre using a horse racing strategy? Like Zenyatta, she starts slow and run them all down near the wire?
I dont understand the lefty-lefty lineup he put in there.

Granted, Ely is toughm but come on.........Paul did not look that great fielding the two balls, but give Cubs hitters credit..........they had back-to-back extra baggers that scored the run.

Ely certainly deserved better. To say he pitched well enough to win doesn't do his performance justice. He did a terrific job in limiting the Cubs to two hits over the first seven innings. He's sure doing his best to earn a spot in the rotation. I didn't watch the game, but I just saw video of Fontenot's and Colvin's hits. Yeah, Paul should have played those balls better (especially Colvin's), but what can you do?

What happened to Ronnie Bellie? Three LF in a row and no sign of him? Esp on a day game? I think the Ds are now about 8-7 in day games. Must like the night lights, not the sun light.

the hot air of May's balloon has cooled
dodgers now coming down to earth
2W - 3L for their last five ....
sure, we'll see another run or two at first place, I'm sure
but we'll never see another string of wins like that in 2010

Paul just misplayed those two balls and that help the Cubs beat Ely. But the Dodgers couldn't solve Lilly or Marmol, so we all have to have a closer's mentality and fuggedaboudit.

Get Oswalt,get it done Ned

Paul came up to bat in the 8 th after Martin had singled. The first and only thing Torre could think of his to have him bunt. Everyone in the ball park new that he was going to bunt. What was the point of that? Two fouls and Torre puts the bat back in his hand? His at bat was summed up by an idiot announcer as "down on three strikes"? The X-Man can hit. The Dodgers needed to break the game open at that point and Torre plays little ball? I can't wait until Torre retires. It can't come too soon!

Paul should be in right field until Ethier gets back. He's the future. Send that used-up guy back to the Angels, or to wherever else he came from. The X-Man represents the future, something that Torre doesn't believe in.

Get Oswalt,get it done Ned

Posted by: Gangstaslapped | 05/27/2010 at 10:48 PM

That comment doesn't make sense. It's not going to help the Dodgers losing games 1-0 and 3-0. Oswalt will not score runs for the team.

I, too, grew-up a Sox fan on the South Side. There's no excuse for not going to Wrigley to see your kid pitch.

Maybe pop is bitter because young Ely wasn't on the mound in a Sox uniform. I have to think that's a more likely explanation, Steve.

Family trumps sports rivalries.


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