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Beauty in the eyes of the beholder: Dodgers survive Manny Ramirez in left for ugly 8-5 victory over Cubs

Sometimes they just have to declare a team a winner.

The Dodgers and Cubs had an ugly contest Wednesday night in Chicago, and the Cubbies were found owning a few warts too many.

The Dodgers won, 8-5, on a night the game was stopped for 17 minutes in the fourth inning because of a power outage. There are those who would just as soon the rest of the game had been blacked out, which local TV almost managed.

The Cubbies out-hit the Dodgers 14-10, but committed three errors to the Dodgers’ two.

That’s not counting, of course, a pair of are-you-kidding-me defensive -- and I use that term loosely -- plays by Manny Ramirez that were ruled hits.

Manny played left field like he was auditioning for designated hitter. Like he’s already decided he is one. Unless that toe he injured trying his ballerina move in the training room is hurting him worse than is being let on.

In the second inning, a little looper hit by pitcher Tom Gorzelanny fell for an RBI single when Manny went after it by way of Denver. He started back, slowly went forward, circled Lake Michigan, and then kind of stuck out a belated glove.

Which was a herculean effort compared to the eighth, when pinch-hitter Jeff Baker sent a fly to the wall. Manny looked at it like it was going to land 16 rows into the bleachers. He just sort of strolled back, almost admiring the drive -- until it bounced about 6 feet off the wall.

Any kind of effort, and it’s an out. Instead, it went for a two-run triple. He also bobbled another ball for an error.

All this ugliness forced manager Joe Torre to use his ace relievers more than he would have preferred. Hong-Chih Kuo had to go 1 1/3 innings, always a tad dangerous with his fragile elbow, and Jonathan Broxton had to throw a five-out save.

Chad Billingsley, who allowed three runs (two earned) in 5 1/3 innings picked up the win to raise his record to 6-2.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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Great to see Chad B. doing well again.

Manny's done. Stick a fork in him. He is a singles hitter now at best. I hope when Eithier is healthy they move him into the fourth hole and let Kemp bat second or third. Move Manny down Joe. This is painful to watch.

MikeP, I hope you don't consider last night's effort by Billingsley part of the doing 'well.' I agree with your comment generally, but he looked awful last night. Chicago's got a tough hitting lineup to get through, no doubt, but when you get ahead 0-2, you shouldn't be giving up hits, or hitting batters, or letting them work the count back to full.

Mr. Dilbeck -- at least Manny Ramirez by his own admission has "never been good at defense." What is Rafael Furcal's excuse? I like him as a player -- strong arm, good hitter when he decides to be. But sometimes the fundamentals escape him. Jamey Carroll did a terrific job in substitution recently (did he have any errors?)- ala Juan Pierre's nice job subbing for Manny last year. Kudos to Jamey.

Money has decided to double or triple his pay, through intermittent play.

The Sandman is an enabler in this drama, having decided BEFORE the season began that Money was so tired and fragile he needed a game and a half off per week.

Time on the DL and post- pirouetting problems from the weight room, are symptomatic of the chump change Slow Money Walking is exchanging for a full day's pay.

Money is shagging, but not in left field.

Colletti needs to broadcast his message to the right player.

That's Manny,the wonderful 20 million dollar singles hitter.....He suckered a lot of us ,and more suckers will be showing up for his 99 cents jersey giveaway game.

Why the heck does Manny keep playing if he cannot or will not put forth the effort needed to succeed. That is a management issue. Come on Joe. Make the tough decision.

I was impressed with Billingsley last night. Manny should have caught Gorzelanny's fly ball and prevented the first run. Furcal's hideous error in the 4th put two on with no out when it should have been bases empty and two out, and I was worried when Billz hit Fontenot on a 1-2 count to bring in a run, but he beared down and got three outs without giving up another run. Strong performance.

And we gain another game on the Giants!


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