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Dodgers fall to Mets, 7-3, completing series sweep

Citi Field looked like a wreckage site on Wednesday, debris from the stands whirling around Matt Kemp as he stood in center field.

A miserable week for the Dodgers was about to come to an end with another resounding defeat, this one to the New York Mets by a 7-3 margin that sealed a three-game sweep and sent the them home with a 2-7 mark on their trip.

The Dodgers fell to 8-13 on the season and remained in last place in the National League West.

John Ely was thrust into this literal and figurative whirlwind to make his major-league debut, called up to replace opening day starter Vicente Padilla in the rotation.

A four-run second inning resulted in Ely earning a loss. A right-hander acquired in the deal that sent Juan Pierre to the Chicago White Sox over the winter, Ely was charged with five runs and six hits over six innings.

The Dodgers’ offense was held in check by John Maine, who limited them to three runs (two earned) and four hits in six innings. Maine struck out nine.

Russell Martin hit his second home run of the season, as he launched a two-run shot to left in the fifth inning.

The Dodgers open a four-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Dodger Stadium on Thursday.

-- Dylan Hernandez in New York

Photo: Mets right fielder Jeff Francoeur slides into second base under the tag of Dodgers shortstop Jamey Carroll. Credit: Alan Maglaque / US Presswire.

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Colleti cannot point upstairs or at himself so he looks for a scapegoat? Maybe Kemp couldnt catch the ball because it was hit hard. The ball shouldnt be hit that far in the first place.
Why not point at the obvious? Starting pitching. Why get rid of Wolf? Why not pick up a decent sp?
Defensively, I do not understand why they let go of O Hudson. I can understand why he was benched in the playoffs. It's the same reason they assigned Billz to the bullpen. I was expecting Hudson to take back his starting role this year but they let him go.

The problem isn't Colletti...the problem is that we have an owner who's more focused on making money and living like royalty than putting a winning team on the field.

McCourt is KILLING the team. I'm a die hard Dodgers fan of 30 years and I will not give them one more of my hard earned dollars as long as he's the owner.


Yes watching this team is frustrating. 1) Hudson was not hitting worth a lick in the second half and Torre went with the best player. He is not the same player he was because of those wrist injuries. Hudson is a prideful guy so they was no way he was going to return. He cleaned out his locker even before the series was over. So there was no way he was going to return. 2) Wolf is overpaid for what he is getting. 3) Yeah Colleti could have made moves but he seemed to have been handcuffed by the Boss. I am glad though they didnt sign Lackey because that was a terrible contract. They should have upgraded the staff at least with Looper who would have been a great fit as a wingman. Please guys no Martinez talk because he has already said he still holds a grudge against the Dodgers.

Time to get Mark Cuban interested in buying the LA Dodgers. All Dodger fans have to look forward this year is 3rd place in the NL West. Pitching is horrendous, and defensively we're worst than a Little League team. Eventually the bats will always slow down, as they have started. It's going to be a long, hot, frustrating summer. But at least Dodger fans won't feel the pain they felt when Jimmy Rollins hit the game winner against Broxton and essentially eliminating the Blue for the second straight year. Instead this year will come, and go along with the embarassment that the McCourt divorce has brought about our beloved organization. Thank You Frank and Jamie for destroying a once proud franchise.

You get what you pay for. This team is flat out terrible, I don't care if it's only April 27th. If you look around at the rest of the West, this squad is headed quickly for the cellar. No pitching, no heart, no urgency. They think they're the Lakers only....... The Lakers are talented, the Lakers can turn it on.... and the Lakers are the Defending NBA Champions. Just because this team resides in Los Angeles, doesn't mean they get a free pass to just cruise. These Dodgers haven't won squat and it appears that trend will continue. Sorry.... back to back NL West Titles don't mean anything. No banners for division crowns. Management and players Wake-UP!

dodger fans rail here against their owners and general manager ...
and yet this weekend the stands will be full again, in spite of the foregone road trip debacle and the betrayal.

If this junction of unhappy circumstances doesn't keep the faithful at home, I'd wager nothing ever will.


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