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Thanks, Vin, we really needed that

And just like that, a great relief. A sigh that seemed to come less from the chest than from the entire body.

One quick intro, and the world returned to its proper axis.

"It’s time for Dodger baseball," sang Vin Scully.

We had been told Scully was fine after his hospitalization from a fall in his home and would broadcast his first game of the spring Sunday, but hearing him was still reassuring.

Scully -- arguably the most popular person in Los Angeles history -- seemed typically embarrassed when taking a brief moment as he opened the TV broadcast to address his recent injury, which caused national news.

"Hi everybody, and a very pleasant Sunday afternoon to you wherever you may be," he said. "I hope you don’t mind if I take a moment out. First of all, I’m sorry to have caused the accident that caused so much stress. I apologize for that.

"I'd also like to salute the gentle heroes of 911 in Calabasas and the doctors and nurses of West Hills Hospital for taking care of me so very, very well.

"However, now that I’ve done that, let’s get to the more important thing, and that is the game. It’s the Dodgers and the Indians, Jake Westbrook will be on the mound for Cleveland. Left-hander Eric Stults will be on the mound for the Dodgers.

"And Lord, I am happy to be here. We’ll be with the ballgame right after this."

And that was it, he was on to the game. If the voice sounded slightly weak from his ordeal, it seemed to grow stronger as he went on.

Vin was back, and quickly it was a happy Sunday afternoon.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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To bad not all of us got to see and hear Vinny as there was no MLB.TV
But I'm glad he's back.

Vin Scully truly is one of a doesn't surprise me at all that he would take time to apologize (it wasn't necessary) to listeners for causing concern and to thank the emergency people and the doctors and nurses who treated him...what a guy!

Never a classier person than Mr. Vin Scully. He is the one constant in an otherwise changing world of Dodgers baseball. May good health continue to be his.


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