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The McCourts' trial date set for Aug. 30

The trial to determine who owns the Dodgers is set to start Aug. 30, Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled today.

At issue is an agreement that gives Frank McCourt sole ownership of the Dodgers and Jamie McCourt sole ownership of the couple's residential properties. Now that the couple is divorcing, Frank McCourt says that agreement should be enforced and Jamie McCourt says the agreement should not hold up in court.

If Jamie McCourt prevails, the Dodgers could be considered community property, which could force one of the two sides to buy out the other -- Jamie McCourt has said she has the money lined up to do that -- or compel the two sides to run the team jointly.

-- Bill Shaikin

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god i hope these fools are forced to sell.

Remember back decades ago when Charlie Finley, the owner of the Oakland A's,
was trying to get rid of some high priced, or to be, players such Catfish Hunter.
The then commissioner, Ole Bowie Kuhn, called Finley a village idiot and put the stop on Finley's moves for as Kuhn said" the good of the game".
Let's bring back Ole Bowie and have him make the village idiots, the McCourts,
sell the team for the good of the Dodgers.

I feel sorry for anyone who follows this team.

my name here says it all

God, I hate these two... please, just LEAVE!


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