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Jamie's attorney: If Frank won't sell, they'll have to figure out a way to run team together

-- Frank McCourt gave an interview to USA Today, saying mostly things previously reported by Bill Shaikin here in the Los Angeles Times.

That despite all the concern over his divorce, the Dodgers were remarkably settled.

''I know how people like drama, but ironically, there's just not a lot of drama with this team," he said. "Everything is very stable and quiet here.

"Really, it couldn't be better."

The most interesting comment in the story, however, may have come from estranged wife Jamie McCourt’s attorney, Bert Fields, who said, "They agreed to be 50-50 [owners]. And she doesn't want to sell. She loves baseball. She has the ability to buy out Frank if he wants. If he doesn't want to sell, they'll have to figure out a way to run the team together."

How’s that for a scenario? Jamie wins her fight and is declared co-owner. Neither is willing to sell.

And the divorced couple try to run the Dodgers together?

Sounds like a bad sitcom: "Frank and Jamie, Unmarried."

The confused, bitter children would be the entire team and organization. Imagine trying to figure out who to take orders from.

 -- Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman has a warning for the Dodgers: The Rockies are for real.

The veteran baseball writer, who once covered the Dodgers for the Daily Breeze, said the Rockies have no holes and are built to last and have a potential superstar in right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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Why sell?

Frank is economizing, squeezing profits out of the team in sufficient quantities to keep both McCourts in fancy form.

Given the economy, this isn't a propitious time to dump the club, and if football is in Chavez Ravine's future, the real estate becomes disproportionately more valuable with time.

Jamie is going to get her pound of flesh - one way or another.

It's time to sell the team! I will boycott the Dodgers until they leave. I urge all Dodger fans to do the same.

If Jamie has the financial clout to buy out Frank, then why is she asking him so much for support? If the banks have restricted Frank to only $5 mil or was it $10? Then she should be paying him support!

My ex-wife and I got along a lot better after we separated.


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