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Frank McCourt: Pay for divorce yourself, Jamie

Frank Frank McCourt today asked a court to deny any temporary spousal support to his estranged wife, arguing that Jamie McCourt could more than maintain her lifestyle and cover the costs of the couple's divorce proceedings by renting or selling six largely unused residential properties as well as tapping $11 million in liquid assets.

Jamie McCourt has asked the court to order Frank to pay almost $1 million per monthin temporary support and $9 million in fees for attorneys and accountants. In today's filing, Frank McCourt calls those fee amounts unreasonably high.

A hearing on spousal support is set to start March 29. More to come later at

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Frank McCourt at Dodger Stadium in 2006. Credit: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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I don't doubt for a minute that he told her to do something for herself ...
but that sentiment was got this ball rolling in the first place!

Jamie McCourt is apparently emulating her all-time favorite heroines, consisting of:

- Heather Mills, who bilked Sir Paul McCartney out of $48 million.

- Leona Helmsley, who lived by the mantra of her infamous quote: "We don't pay taxes, only the little people pay taxes."

- Imelda Marcos, who burned through millions of dollars on an ultralavish lifestyle by using money that was not her own, while using illogical, bizarre reasoning to justify her spending.

- The Wicked Witch of the West, who shares a startling facial resemblance to Jamie. Perhaps you two were seperated by birth?

All little Dodgers out there should learn from this life lesson and follow the example of new Dodger star pitcher Luis Ayala:
Don't get married.

To: McCourts
Subject: Dodgers
Date: Yesterday

Sell the team! You won't be able to afford a divorce and the team at the same time.


I am not paying for McCourts divorce! not a penny, nor the salary of their sons, nor the cost of the life style.

I am not planning on going to a game this year.

Whamo you're a tool. It's people like you who go on supporting the team despite the fact that they refuse to spend money to put a winning product on the field. The McDivorceCourts have been buying up property left and right with your money without taking the plunge on free agents that the Yankees gobble up. Good for the Yankees, they care about winning, the McDivorceCourts will continue marketing this whole "Dodgers Baseball" brand as though it's part of everyone's family, when they themselves don't have one.

The McDorks need to sell the team and go away. Go and let your little courtroom drama play out somewhere else. They don't care about the team, nor do they care about the fans.

It does my heart good to hear more and more die hard Dodger fans subscribe to the mindset that any dollar spent at Dodger stadium is a dollar too much going towards the McCourt fiasco, er, family. A boycott of Dodger stadium is the only message the McCourts will comprehend. Add my name to the growing list of fans who love the Dodgers, but despise the McCourts. Thank God for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes!

Don't care about anyone.


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