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Can someone get Manny a glove?

March 18, 2010 |  6:54 am
Before Manny Ramirez became the silent one -- you know, back in the first two days of camp -- he announced this would be his final season as a Dodger.

Figuring his days as an outfielder were probably numbered and his future was at designated hitter -- he’ll turn 38 in May -- nobody acted all that shocked.

But Manny will have to be an outfielder this season, though you wouldn’t know it thus far from spring.

Neither he, nor the Dodgers, seem all that interested in getting his outfield legs in early game shape. Through the first 10 games, he has yet to play the field. He’s been a DH in every game, including his two in Taiwan.

In Wednesday’s game, Manny was back at DH and recent addition Garret Anderson was in left.

"Manny will probably be in the outfield at some point this week, but I wanted to give Anderson another game in the outfield,’’ said manager Joe Torre.

This hardly qualifies as alarming, but you’d think it’s time to get Manny out there and massage whatever confidence he can muster as an outfielder.

No one expects him to cover a lot of ground, but it can’t be too soon for him to work on his timing. He only had four errors in 104 games last year, but despite 16 seasons in the majors, he needs to work out the rust. And at 38, as Neil Young told us, rust never sleeps.

-- Steve Dilbeck