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A plea for Manny Ramirez to open up


Memo to Manny Ramirez:

Talk to me, Manny.

Say something loony. Say something ridiculous. Something that will keep the keypads and the airwaves rolling for days. Say something.

Manny, where's the love?

There's still no explanation why you decided upon your fourth day in camp to stop talking to the media. Really, I thought we had a thing. Thought you loved the L.A. media. Loved the whole L.A. thing.

And now, just polite silence. A lot of "no thanks." A lot of pointing in the direction of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, like they could ever compare to you as a quote machine.

First day of camp, and you're announcing that this is probably your last season as a Dodger. Hardly a revelation, but pretty juicy stuff for openers. Was rubbing my hands together like I was trying to start a fire.

The next day, you're saying you feel so good you might play another five years. The next you're showing off a racy soft drink.

The next day, nothing. And nothing ever since. Silent Manny.

Hey, it's painful. Not what we signed on for. The public responded to you like maybe no position player ever in 2008 because you were electric at the plate and a seriously oversized personality off the field.

Now you’ve gone turtle in a shell on us? Stop it, enough. You're giving all those smug Boston types ammunition for their I-told-you-so routine.

You used to almost hold daily court with the media. Man, could you fill up a notepad. You seemed to enjoy it. All great amusement.

Bring back the fun, Manny. Maybe you're just trying to be more focused after that disappointing return from PED. It can't be you're out of goofy one-liners.

Come, on. This will be better for the both of us.

Talk to me, Manny.

Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Manny Ramirez at spring training earlier this month. Credit: Mark Duncan / Associated Press.

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Money Ramirez is a Sherlock Holmes mystery, a big dog that is notable for not barking.

He's acting like a lover that is about to bolt. This relationship is history, so why stay overly demonstrative and chummy?

My theory: Money is awaiting a trade to an AL team that will use him as a designated hitter, pick up his Dodger contract, or most of it, and extend his career by a year or two.

I dont blame you Manny...I wouldnt talk to the media either. The fans still love you, despite what goofball Times writers say. Keep up the good work.

what good has speaking to the media ever done Manny? I agree with him since no matter what he is pilloried by the media to sell ads or papers.

BTW, there was ZERO proof of actual PED use, only assumptions. Argue all you want but those are facts.

Steve, I am available anytime.

There's really not much for him to say. He's a cheater who got caught. He felt the negative reaction was unwarranted because he didn't kill or rape anyone.
Manny just play out the season as "best" as you can given your two left feet.
And remember (as Steve forgot to mention) the cheers of 2008 turned into the boos of 2009.

Leave Manny alone. He can bring the fun back if he can bang the ball off the fences. Go pick on Jamie McCourt. Push your mic into her face!

Manny is a man without conscience ... he's no more introspective than any other parasitic invertebrate.

like the guy above suggest,,, its just better to leave him alone

How is his silence ammunition for Boston fans? If he was alienating his teammates, that might be ammunition, but not talking to the media? Please!

...and you're surprised by Manny Being Manny all of a sudden? Don't beg, Stevie. It makes you more West Coast than you'd like to admit.

Treat Manny like Manny treats you. Ignore him in the locker, on the field. Write about his home runs and his occasional great put-outs, but don't write that the team and its future hangs on them. Draw attention to his narscasism, and never reward it by celebrating it. Let him play baseball, and he can treat you to the kind of season you expect from him. But when you start anointing him some kind of bizarro world King Of All Media, be prepared to deal with a lot of head-scratching stuff.

Why can't the media just leave Manny alone?

I think the fascination with Manny has run its course. He won't be a Dodger after this season, if not sooner.

Take it from a Boston fan who loved Ramirez while in Boston. He is a 12 year old. Something must've pissed him off and now he's back to being a 12 year old. I warned my LA friends that he would screw you guys just like he did to us in Boston. Any ballplayer who gives up on his team and his friends and just stops playing baseball is a pure scumbag and now you people are finding out what a scumbag he is. I'll make one more prediction for you. When the Dodgers go to Fenway it will be his hammie that will be the reason he can't play or he will be sick or some excuse. He's a coward, fraud out for himself! I feel bad for the Dodger fans too because they are really a loyal passionate bunch(except for the richies who show up at the 2nd and leave in the 7th!) Now your all finding out what Manny being Manny is all about! It's Manny just thinking about Manny!! See you later douche!! Try some lipstick now.

Steve, What he was caught taking was not a PED....also, if you pick on him for that, you better get the rest of MLB, the NFL, partial NBA and NHL.....let him play. if you need to pick on an idiot, the McCourts offer more than enough fodder

Manny, talk all you want, or don't. I Don't care. Hit little white spheres around Mannywood, THAT'S what it's all about! kthnxbai!

He's having a great spring who cares if he talks. Contract year means big numbers means wins. Healthy Manny in our dodger lineup means another N.L. west crown and one more year of garaunteed fastballs for Loney, Kemp and Ethier or whoever is hitting around him in the lineup. Can't wait for opening day!

manny being manny, no news here. If he hits, fans will love him. If not, he'll be gone by August.

I hate to tell a reporter how to do his job, but there is one big story this spring in Dodgertown and the Times appears afraid to write it: the McCourts are raping this team, and refusing to invest in it. The starting pitching stinks, they have the money to get a top starter, and they refuse to spend the money. Why do they refuse? Because they view the team as a piggy bank for their own personal financial use. To paraphrase Lee Elisa, "Rip those Boston carpetbaggers!"

as jimjo states "Take it from a Boston fan who loved Ramirez while in Boston. He is a 12 year old. Something must've pissed him off and now he's back to being a 12 year old"

Its call arrested development (i.e. permanent adolescence)

p.s. its funny how all of the manny defenders apparently sleep late

Manny id disappointed in his 2009 numbers, and should be considering the size of his salary. If he is smart he should shut up and let play on the field speak for him.

I loved Manny and the beginning and after I took a couple of days to be upset I even loved him after steroids. My family bought his shirts, dreadlock bears, dreadlock hats and lots of tickets to the games. He's got a bad attitude now and I think he's going to do the same to us as he did to Boston. I just hope Joe Torre only let's him screw up once and then leave him on the bench! I can't wait to see Dewitt, Martin, Loney, Either, Kemp, Blake and Kershaw and all the rest of the Dodgers!

Manny is still our best hitter!!! He will be fine this year and the media will have to find something else to write about....the L.A. times needs some new writers...according to you guys the Lakers have sucked the last few years too!! Platsky (or however its spelled) I am talking to you...reading your articles I would almost think you were an east coaster in a celtics jersey...but since none of you actually can play sports i am not surprised your opinions are usually way off base!!! GOOO BLUE

Don't worry Steve, He'll come around.
You guys are around him everyday and I feel for you but I'm only interested in what he does between the lines.


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