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A plea for Manny Ramirez to open up

March 30, 2010 |  5:33 pm


Memo to Manny Ramirez:

Talk to me, Manny.

Say something loony. Say something ridiculous. Something that will keep the keypads and the airwaves rolling for days. Say something.

Manny, where's the love?

There's still no explanation why you decided upon your fourth day in camp to stop talking to the media. Really, I thought we had a thing. Thought you loved the L.A. media. Loved the whole L.A. thing.

And now, just polite silence. A lot of "no thanks." A lot of pointing in the direction of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, like they could ever compare to you as a quote machine.

First day of camp, and you're announcing that this is probably your last season as a Dodger. Hardly a revelation, but pretty juicy stuff for openers. Was rubbing my hands together like I was trying to start a fire.

The next day, you're saying you feel so good you might play another five years. The next you're showing off a racy soft drink.

The next day, nothing. And nothing ever since. Silent Manny.

Hey, it's painful. Not what we signed on for. The public responded to you like maybe no position player ever in 2008 because you were electric at the plate and a seriously oversized personality off the field.

Now you’ve gone turtle in a shell on us? Stop it, enough. You're giving all those smug Boston types ammunition for their I-told-you-so routine.

You used to almost hold daily court with the media. Man, could you fill up a notepad. You seemed to enjoy it. All great amusement.

Bring back the fun, Manny. Maybe you're just trying to be more focused after that disappointing return from PED. It can't be you're out of goofy one-liners.

Come, on. This will be better for the both of us.

Talk to me, Manny.

Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Manny Ramirez at spring training earlier this month. Credit: Mark Duncan / Associated Press.