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Welcome back Manny Ramirez! And thanks for the final notice

Manny So Manny Ramirez says upon his arrival to spring training Monday that he knows he won’t be a Dodger next season. And then gave no reasons for his thinking.

He clearly knows something, or at least believes he does. There are two distinct possibilities: The organization has already indicated to him that it’s not interested in signing him to another $20-million contract; or he’s done with the outfield and wants to return to the American League as a designated hitter.

Either way, his pronouncement won’t endear him to Dodgers fans. Particularly those who soured on him after he was banned 50 games for substance abuse.

Manny made it sound like this was some one-year stopover on the way to his next job, not like he was a key part to any future of the Dodgers beyond this season.

He’ll turn 38 in May, so his playing future is limited, but the pre-suspension Manny at least still resembled the hitter who electrified Dodger Stadium in 2008. If he returns to form this season, his entire preseason proclamation is naturally subject to change.
Manny can come off as a bit of a good-hearted goof, but I don’t believe he says a lot without intent. He still has legions of dedicated fans in Los Angeles. Don’t think it would it be beyond him to attempt to generate a groundswell among the dedicated for his return next season. And another fat contract.

Still, for a guy to claim he did a great job after coming back from the suspension -- he hit .255 with 10 home runs and 34 runs batted in in 231 second-half at-bats -- smacks of someone living on their own planet.

And there were two other curious and conflicting tidbits to come out of his first practice: He recognized his advancing years by saying he hit in the offseason for the first time, and that he weighed 237 pounds.

Last year, the Dodgers listed him at 200 pounds.

--Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Manny Ramirez is greeted by fans during a game against the Houston Astros on July 16. Credit: Gus Ruelas / Associated Press

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Why would this proclamation "not endear him" to the Dodger fanbase? Anybody in their right minds already know there was NIL chance he'd be back, happy or no. Hardy even a news item.

LA fans, now here is the real Manny being Manny. As selfish and self centered as a child. Good luck and with any luck you will trade him to an American League contender in July while he still has value.

Any chance he'll leave faster. Is it too late to obtain a legitimate, steroid-free left fielder?

factually speaking,
Manny is a cancer to the game,
corrosive and self-serving ...
in short, the perfect dodger.

I'd leave too knowing the only thing the team has done in the off-season was splurge on a bum like Jamey Carroll.

Thanks Manuel!

Love the mention of Manny's weight. It's good to have Andruw Jones back.

His use-by date has already expired.

Trade him, now.

Maybe Gagne can provide Manny with tips on an off-the-juice comeback strategy. Looks like Manny and Russell Martin have both decided that the ice cream sundae diet might help them both regain their missing power strokes.

Actually, he did give a reason. He said cuz you know i'm not 23 anymore. He also said we'll see so it is more of a logical assumption that the dodgers won't purse him. He ended (at least on ESPN) by saying he loves it here and wished he came here earlier.

I agree with him. I think it's his last season here too. He's definitely slowing down...and 237? Wow, that sure won't help him cover ground in left field. And he's gonna be 38 in May. I think he'd be much better off in the American League as a DH, assuming he plays next year.

Posted by: These Dodgers Suck

"factually speaking,
Manny is a cancer to the game,
corrosive and self-serving ...
in short, the perfect dodger."

Cool story bro.

You can't handle the truth. You think this is a story?...
Love him or hate him...Manny puts it out there, which is
a breath of fresh air. Yes. This will be his last year as a Dodger. Who didn't know that?..
To all the Manny haters out there. Wait til you see the dodger lineup next year.

Yet another story from Manny blown out of proportion. It was pretty much stated when he signed the 2 year contract that it would probably be the end of his time with the Dodgers. Manny always talks and jokes around in the locker room. No matter what he does this year, he is more suited to a DH role if he's going to continue to play. So why would I, as a Dodger fan, be turned off by that.

Because if he does want to play after this season, then he's going to have to produce a solid season now to get an AL team to pay him the kind of salary he wants. And having a solid season would definitely endear him to Dodger fans.

Why don't the Dodgers go after Brandon Looper? He's still available and his acquisition would lock in the rotation.

where is TJ simers to run his usual manny spin?

Mannnny!!! Mannnny!!! Mannnny!!! So he says he won't be back. Big deal! Some of you obviously just can't handle the truth. Idiots!


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