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Steve Dilbeck

Born in Los Angeles, Steve Dilbeck grew up listening to Vin Scully on his transistor radio. He has covered Los Angeles sports for more than 25 years. A Dodgers beat writer for seven seasons, he has covered 18 World Series, 14 Super Bowls, 13 NBA Finals, five Olympics and lived to see the Clippers win a playoff series. He was previously the lead sports columnist at the Los Angeles Daily News.

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Welcome Steve. Now we fans of the Blue have even more choices to get our fix. The more the merrier. I look forward to checking in every day. This site and Jon's DT Blog will be my first stops.

Just wanna say Thanks. Your articles have been enjoyable. I like your style, you don't fill everything up with stats. I love that fact that you are brutally honest but not too overly cynical like some. The article criticizing Dodger fan's took a lot of guts to write. You are definitely not a Homer. I hope you stay on here a longtime.

I liked reading your blog and woul dlike to offer you a free MLB Fathead wall pin up in exchange for a blog post. Email me back if you're interested.

John: Thanks for the interesting offer, but we don't allow guest posts. You can, of course, always leave a comment.

Hey Steve, am watching Ely throwing v. tigers and he is maddening and amazing. Already commented on his sequencing in a previous post but he is defying reason today. Top six Cabrerra leading off and Ely starts him off with the high slider he likes to throw on back to back pitches. First one is called and the second one is fouled. After a change in the dirt, Ely leaves his fastball up and at 87mph. Cabrerra, promptly muscles it into the outfield grass for a single. Now, Ely gets out of the inning without getting scored on making nice pitches when needed, but he was lucky he didn't get chased. He started off Bocsh with two high sliders and the lowest slider i've seen him throw all year was the last pitch of his inning; about thigh high to laird which Laird rocketed out to Manny for the third out. This slider thing is driving me crazy. It's worked but it's so dangerous. Who's idea is it? Is this something Martin is just calling on a hunch? Is it a gameplan Honey and or Torre came up with? Is it something he's always done? Don't know if this is material for a blog post but could you at least ask around and email me so I can sleep?

Can you or anyone you know tell me what time the Dodgers/Braves playoff game started and ended on 09-29-1959? I was born at 10:02 eastern time that day and my Mom remembers listening to the game while in labor with me. I can only find the duration of the game (4:06) on the internet.
Jim Rudin

Born at 10:02 PM eastern.
Thanks again!
Jim Rudin

I must have missed who was the No. 1 Dodger in your poll?

The last one I read about was Drysdale.

Thank you.

Kathy Toby

Hey Steve,
* word on the Street is that the dodgers are releasing George Sherrill on waivers this afternoon ...

Steve,Really enjoy your blog. You are so brutally honest. I think the die hard dodger fans can truly respect that. It's great to hear someone not sugarcoat things. Loved the post with the "The Who" quotes in it. I really sense the pain you are feeling. Your sarcasm has made me feel a lot better about everything. I wish you could do Dodger Talk.

rolie: Thanks for the kind words. They are truly appreciated.

Glad you're with the Times, Steve.

So do you think Frank McCourt wants to sign Derek Jeter to be the Dodgers' DH?


Hi Steve,
Your suggested mediation approach to the McCourts is spot on. As a lawyer and mediator myself, I appreciate your approach and solution to what has been pus-oozing sore on the LA scene all year. I have always found that humor is most useful when sides are locked into intractability and your suggestions are both wise and funny.

Next year in Jerusalem?

Jason Zelin

Hey Steve!

We are hosting a Shawn Green book signing here at Barnes & Noble at the Americana in Glendale next week. I thought you might like to know so you could share with your friends, followers and colleagues here on your blog or elsewhere. Shawn Green will be here Thursday June 16th at 6pm. He will be signing copies of his new book "The Way of Baseball." We are excited to host him and are always proud to be supporters of the Dodgers!!!


While overall I agree with your comments concerning Frank McCourt and his cheap attempt to garner support from ministers, you have mis-quoted the Bible. Although I am not a minister, I do have some familiarity with the Bible and 1 Timothy 6:10 states: "For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. " So it is not exactly money, but greed which is the cause of all evil. This is certainly apparent in the Dodger's current situation where McCourt's greed has brought upon him all of his various ailments.

Best regards,



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