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Good advice for getting into a professional kitchen


On her blog, Eggbeater, Shuna Fish Lydon -- a former pastry chef at Citizen Cake (San Francisco) and Bouchon (Yountville, Calif.) now living in London -- offers some great advice to aspiring cooks and pastry chefs who want to get a job in a professional kitchen. I wish everyone who pines after a career in food would read this before signing up for cooking school. Lydon is essentially telling how to do it without that degree. And whether you have one in hand or not, her advice is useful and to the point for anyone seeking a professional job in the food world.

-- S. Irene Virbila

Photo: Culinary students doing prep work. Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Evie's top 10 party tips

Mom For a bit o something sweet today, read this post by San Diego food writer and radio host Caron Golden. It's an homage to her mom, Evie:

For as long as I can remember, she's pretty much been the queen of dinner parties. My dad was in the museum "business" so curators, donors, artists and other colleagues were always coming over. Plus, my parents have always loved to have friends and family at the house for meals. My mom is an astoundingly good cook, someone whose gift I continue to aspire to. I regularly served as her sous chef, server and dish washer (actually, I still do). I was told, "watch and learn" -- and that continues today.... So, what's her secret? I sat down with her for lunch at a little Vietnamese restaurant recently and asked her straight out what she thinks are the keys to a successful dinner party. Watch and learn:

Here's an early Happy Mother's Day to Evie and all the moms out there. And here's your Twip of the Day: Follow @carondg


A recipe for Mother's Day: Breakfast in bed

Still need a gift for mom? How about this eco-friendly idea

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Photo: Mort Golden

Nothing says 'call me' like a beef jerky business card


File this under "Now we've seen everything":

Beef jerky business cards.

I tripped over this at TechCrunch. If you're not familiar with TechCrunch, consider checking it out. Its Twitter feed @techcrunch is highly addictive even if you think you don't care about all thing techie.

Consider it your Twip of the day. Follow 'em -- and then tell me if I am wrong.

-- Rene Lynch

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Photo credit: Jason Kincaid

It's pork on pork over at My Last Bite

Pork loin baked in salt

I wasn't the only one who enjoyed watching Jose Andres make salt-encrusted pork tenderloin on "A Moveable Feast with America's Top Chefs" on PBS. Jo who blogs over at My Last Bite (and Twitters @mylastbite) also tuned in:

watched this yesterday and loved it! The recipes looked easy and it was fun to see the chefs interacting with each other. The pork loin baked in salt (by Jose Andres) was my favorite and I'm making it TONIGHT.

Well, she did just that. Check out her results -- and keep scrolling down to check out the cheeky way she served up the pork leftovers.

--Rene Lynch

Photo credit: My Last Bite

A Twitter-ific way to bid farewell to your 20s

Good-bye 29, hello chocolate

Twitter's @ironstef figured that if she had to turn 30, best to do it with a basil, dark chocolate and brie sandwich. Grilled.

No argument here.

The Daily Dish is all a-Twitter @LATimesFood. Join us!

Photo credit: Ironstef

Deep-fried cupcakes? This Is Why You're Fat


Do you like to look at pictures of "deliciously gross food" such as this cupcake that has been deep fried and then drenched in chocolate syrup and topped off with sprinkles?

Well, someone out there does. Within three days of launching this month, a blog and website dedicated to food porn -- the aptly titled ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com -- pulled in more than 3 million pages views. (The blog's subtitle: Where dreams become heart attacks.)

"We thought it was a very good idea, but we were both very surprised at how it caught on." That's one of the co-creators -- she prefers to be identified as Creator No. 1 and declines to be identified because she and her partner are in the media and want to avoid making themselves part of the story behind the blog, to keep the focus on the food.

A little mystery never hurt either.

"It started because we were joking about how there are all these really nasty pictures of fatty foods floating around on the Internet. We’re like, "Do people really eat this? Are people posting these photos as a badge of honor?'"

They started collecting images on Feb. 1 and launched Feb. 9, and it's been pinging around the Internet ever since, thanks in no small part to mentions by Time, The Atlantic, the New York Times, etc.

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The Post Punk Kitchen: It's a vegan riot

Post Punk Kitchen Gingerbread Cookies

In an era in which so many are going vegan, vegetarian, turning to organic produce and locally grown food, what could be more useful than an online kitchen to provide you with fun, healthy, rockin' recipes that are all vegan?

In the Post Punk Kitchen, friendly cooks lead you through easy recipes such as pumpkin waffles for breakfast, lentil soup with grilled pineapple for lunch or Ethiopian tomato lentil stew for dinner.

Then there's the stuff that will really blow you away, such as the chocolate bomb pudding cake.

We took a little time to chat with Isa Moskowitz, the Brooklyn-born creator of the Post Punk Kitchen. Here's what she had to say about her cooking and the website:

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Man Bites World -- and lives to tell about it

After eating out 102 days in a row, sometimes multiple times in one day, Noah Galuten had just one craving left: A home-cooked meal.

Galuten is the Culver City-based blogger behind www.manbitesworld.com, who gained a following when he endeavored to sample a different nationality’s cuisine every day, for as many consecutive days as he could.

A self-described “hugely passionate food person,” Galuten, 26, figured blogging would help him keep his mind off his unemployment woes.

“It was an incredibly emasculating feeling of trying to find a job and not be able to find anything,” said Galuten, a playwright who was looking for a job, any job, in the arts. “I needed something to get my juices flowing.”

Like any good scheme, the plan was hatched with friends over Mexican food, a cuisine that Galuten

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Happy World Nutella Day!

WndToday is the 3rd annual World Nutella Day, the unofficial holiday upon which we celebrate the glorious hazelnut-chocolate spread. World Nutella Day was set up by bloggers Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio, who had decided that they loved the stuff so much that it warranted it's own day. And why not? People celebrate Arbor Day and a whole lot of other things less critical to a sustainable and happy world order than trees and (for some of us) Nutella. 

My last blog post about Nutella generated a lot of comments from its fans, who are legion. So many that I wrote a story about Nutella -- and how you can make your own at home. Check next Wednesday's Food Section to read it. 

So -- you knew this was coming -- what's your favorite way to eat Nutella? If you need inspiration, check out many of the blog posts popping up today, such as David Lebovitz's, in honor of Nutella. 

Nutella is available at many grocery stores and Italian delis, including Ralph's, Pavilions, Bay Cities and La Bottega Marino. Or see Nutella's website, Nutellausa.com, which has a very handy store locator.

-- Amy Scattergood

Photo: Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio

Serving up a different side of President-elect Barack Obama

Chicago TV station WTTW knows an opportunity when it sees one.

It's trotting out the way-back-when video of Barack Obama trying his hand at Chicago-area food criticism. The episode was never broadcast, show executives now say, because Obama was too good, and with his easy charm, he dominated the program, which featured a firefighter and retail buyer as his co-critics.

So, guess when that episode will finally be broadcast? Read more here.


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