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The underrated marriage of beer and food will outshine wine and food for at least two days.  Fans of craft beer can rejoice in Washington, D.C. at the SAVOR craft beer festival in June.  Held at the National Building Museum, the event will bring together more than 72 brewers representing 32 states, presenting two beers apiece for a whopping total of 144 beers.  With each beer being paired with food, two days of festivities will surely test both thirst and appetite.  Tickets go on sale March 3 for $110, and the event is June 3 and 4.

--Max Diamond

Photo credit: Larry Crowe


President Obama teaches Bobby Flay a thing or two about grilling

Michelle Obama and Iron Chef team

We knew President Obama was a foodie, who at one point in his life even reviewed restaurants.

But who knew the prez has mad grilling skilz?

Chef Bobby Flay was speaking to the news media recently about Sunday night's special two-hour episode of "Iron Chef America," which goes to the White House for the first time. First Lady Michelle Obama will issue the challenge: Competitors are invited to pluck whatever they like from America's most famous garden and prepare five dishes that epitomize the ultimate American meal. Back in Kitchen Stadium, Flay and White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford will go up against Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse. Judges include celebuchef Nigella Lawson, actress Jane Seymour and Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. (Read more about Sunday night's show here.) 

During the media call, Flay noted that he had been to the White House before, invited to take part in an Obama initiative to mentor young men. While there, he struck up a conversation with the White House pastry chef who revealed that President Obama is quite at home in the kitchen and "can talk about banana cream pie for a really long time." At one point during the cookout portion of the mentoring event, Flay found himself -- where else? -- manning the barbecue. And out of the corner of his eye he saw the president walking toward him.

What was Flay thinking? "OK, here is the leader of the free world about to grab a pair of tongs with me. What am I supposed to do?"

As an icebreaker, Flay told Obama that he'd heard through the grapevine that the president was quite knowledgeable about food and cooking. The president struck a modest reply, "'Oh, no, I don't know much about it, but I'm interested,'" Flay recalled.

A moment later, Flay started to offer the president some gentle suggestions about what to do next at the barbecue. The president, Flay recalled, told him he needn't bother: "Hey, I know what I'm doing."

-- Rene Lynch

Photo: Check out chef Mario Batali's orange Crocs. Do you think he and Michelle Obama coordinated colors? From left, chefs Bobby Flay and Cristeta Comerford, "Iron Chef America" MC Alton Brown, the first lady, Batali and chef Emeril Lagasse. Credit: Food Network

Sampler Platter: Meat grown in a lab for first time; we're wasting more food than ever; road food flowchart

HamburgerbeakerWould you eat meat grown in a lab? Or drink wine made by a stockbroker? This and more in today's food news roundup.
-- Scientists reportedly grow meat in a lab for the first time! Telegraph
-- Eating the Road debuts its Where Should I Eat? Chain Restaurant Flowchart.
-- After East, David Judaken's next venture will be Hollywood nightclub MY Spot. Eater LA
-- Music to inspire chef José Andrés: Elton John, Ennio Morricone, Counting Crows. KCRW
-- Every Thanksgiving turns into a pie fight at Mommie Helen's in Colton. Wall Street Journal
-- The 99 Cent Chef makes holiday stuffing cupcakes with cranberry frosting.
-- A wave of MBAs and bankers turn winemaking into the second career du jour. New York Times
-- Americans waste more food than ever before -- nearly 40% of the food supply. Discover
-- Philadelphia restaurant firebombed. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
-- Full Yield dietary program thinks health savings start in the company cafeteria. New York Times
-- Where Washington D.C.'s elite go to eat: Komi, Charlie Palmer, the Palm, the Oval Room, Bombay Club, Ben's Chili Bowl and more. CNN
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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