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Sampler Platter: L.A. street food festival, giant lobsters, Bar Keeper wants liquor license and more

Vintage bar signs on the wall at Bar Keeper

Gargantuan lobsters rising from the seas and enslaving the human race... It sounds preposterous, but it's a potential and very real downside of global warming, which is building bigger lobsters without increasing the world's butter reserves. Perhaps someday, when the age of peak butter has passed, we'll look back at bread baskets and flaky, golden tarts as the harbingers of doom for a society on the brink of collapse. Until then, I salute our crustacean overlords.
-- Giant lobsters from rising greenhouse gases? NPR
-- Bar Keeper in Silver Lake is looking to get a liquor license by June. Food GPS
-- Palm oil production devastating Sumatran forests. CNN
-- Salami and Parmesan cheese used as weapons in supermarket battle. Telegraph
-- The search for the world's perfect stove. New Yorker
-- Arrowhead water bottles reduced by 21% (from 1 gallon to 3 liters). LiveCheap
-- Learning to appreciate cognac in Cognac. Los Angeles Times
-- L.A. Street Food Festival scheduled for Valentine's Day weekend. LAist
-- Vertical Wine Bistro changes it up with new chef Doug Weston. Eat LA
-- Roaming Hunger food truck tracking site goes live.
-- Tootsie Roll goes kosher. Palm Beach Post
-- Greek, Indian, Chinese and more: Vancouver's many cuisines. Los Angeles Times
-- Spicy kettle corn and more recipes from bigLITTLe. Goop
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Vintage bar signs on the wall at Bar Keeper. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

Sampler Platter: 15-year-old cheddar, pudding cloth, McCall's meat coming to Los Feliz, Google map for food trucks

Hook's 15-year-old cheddar chees Old cheese, new butchers, old school Scotch, nouveau tamales and more in today's food news roundup.
-- Foie gras and chanterelle tamales from John Sedlar of Rivera. Los Angeles Times magazine
-- Upscale butcher McCall's Meat & Fish Co. to open in Los Feliz. Food GPS
-- An appreciation of pudding cloth, whatever that is. British Food in America
-- Hook's unveils 15-year-old cheddar. NPR
-- Florida woman allegedly attacks boyfriend with uncooked steak. The Smoking Gun
-- Eggnog martinis at Lola's in West Hollywood. Banana Wonder
-- Food swaps are catching on. The Globe and Mail
-- New Zealand police reward good drivers with licorice logs. Stuff
-- A Google map that tracks food trucks. Finally! Food Maps
-- Win a Scotch whisky aroma nosing and tasting kit from the Balvenie.
-- Pix from the "Eat: Los Angeles" book party at Traveler's Bookcase. Blackburn + Sweetzer
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Hook's 15-year-old cheddar cheese. Credit: Mark Hoffman / Associated Press

Sampler Platter: Bacon Christmas tree postcards, L.A.'s best vegan Reuben, microwave with a brain

Imen Shan prepares to steep and serve traditional Chinese gong fu tea inside her Palos Verdes store, Tea Habitat

May your holiday be wrapped in the goodness of bacon Christmas tree cards, fancy Parisian wines, low-cost restaurant gift cards and hot tea.
-- Bacon Christmas tree postcards! Eat Me Daily
-- Cars crash in nearly 12-inches of offal. NZ Herald
-- Quarrygirl says Locali wins the vegan Reuben wars.
-- Tour d'Argent restaurant in Paris begins auctioning 18,000 bottles of wine. Guardian
-- Restaurant holiday gift card deals. Fast Food Maven
-- Animal chef Vinnie Dotolo gets married. Was bacon on the menu? 100 Layer Cake
-- Recipe junkie takes on Pillsbury challenge. Columbia Basin Herald
-- Microwave oven with a brain? Brand X
-- Food companies explain the amount of air in the bag. New York Times
-- Yelp launches Andorid app. CNET
--  FBI investigates disappearance of Italian chef Angelo Faliva aboard cruise. Los Angeles Times
-- The real tea party: Tea Habitat. Sku's Recent Eats
-- Domino's pulls ads from MTV's "Jersey Shore." Inside TV
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Imen Shan prepares to steep and serve traditional Chinese gong fu tea inside her Palos Verdes store, Tea Habitat. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

Sampler Platter: Cherpumple, Slim-Fast recall, grocery shrink ray, chocolate Ritz

Your late-Friday-afternoon food news roundup, featuring the most insane cake/pie hybrid ever, reasons your waiter hates you and more:
-- The Cherpumple, the dessert version of the Turducken: a three-layer cake with a pie stuffed in each layer. Charles Phoenix
-- 20 secrets your waiter won't tell you + 30 more secrets = 50 reasons your waiter hates you. Reader's Digest
-- Tiger Sushi ready to open in former Luckyfish space; Santa Monica Bar & Grill to become Upper West. Eater LA
Ritz fudge crackers -- Eating with Kristen Schaal: oyster shooters, monkey brains and the tyranny of onions. Fork in the Road
-- Unilever recalls all Slim-Fast ready-to-drink products in cans because of possible contamination. FDA
-- Nine foods attacked by the grocery shrink ray. Live Cheap
-- Aqua Teen Hunger Force wants you to Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas.
-- Ritz now dips its crackers in fudge -- during the holidays.
-- Describe what Lender's Bagels mean to you to win $1,000 and a year's supply of bagels.
-- The world's most extravagant meals. Forbes

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Rob Takata / For The Times

Sampler Platter: L.A. Tamale Festival canceled; Five Guys Burgers expanding; bacon is the new black

Marina Guzman, makes tamales at the fabled Los Cinco Puntos market

East Coast fast-food chain Five Guys Burgers and Fries strikes a blow at the greasy, artery-clogged heart of homegrown burger chain In-N-Out with aggressive plans to expand throughout California. More food news below...
--The most heartbreaking casualty of the global economic collapse: The 5th Annual Los Angeles International Tamale Festival has been canceled.
--Doughboys to open by end of year ... maybe. Blackburn + Sweetzer
--Signal Mountain, Tenn., passes nation's first green food resolution. Treehugger
--Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which already has locations in Carson and Cerritos, will expand aggressively in California, with 300 new locations. Fast Food Maven
--Platine chef Jamie Cantor makes it into this week's issue of People magazine (p. 134) with recipes for apple cranberry pie and pilgrim punch. Platine will be on hand at this weekend's Unique Los Angeles gift fair.
--Eater LA launches Sexiest Chef contest.
--Cute and inevitable: the periodic table of cupcakes. Jezebel
--White House pastry chef Bill Yosses makes a marzipan-and-chocolate sculpture of the executive mansion complete with pet dog Bo. Daily Mail
--Bacon lovers can proclaim their love for the other white meat on clever limited-edition posters, T-shirts and aprons that declare “Bacon is the New Black." 4505 Meats
--The 500-calorie McRib is back -- with a bonus advertising fail.
--Low-maintenance turkey and leftovers revamped. Goop
--Food Network offers 12 Days of Cookies (through Dec. 12).
--With revenues down, AMC theaters officially ban all outside snacks. Smart Spending
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Marina Guzman makes tamales at the fabled Los Cinco Puntos market in L.A. Credit: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

Sampler Platter: LudoBites debuts at Royal/T, Padma poses nude, the strongest beer in the world

Chef Kris Morningstar, middle, chats with a customer at Mercantile in Hollywood.

Ludovic Lefebvre is the man of the hour as his latest pop-up restaurant debuts tonight in Culver City, plus other non-Ludo food news.
-- Kevin Eats previews LudoBites 3.0, which debuts tonight at Royal/T with a wine list curated by Domaine LA.
-- Teenage Gluster and his mom teach chef Ludo to make a mole.
-- A Cadbury descendant crusades against Kraft's potential takeover. Wall Street Journal
-- Street Gourmet LA tastes Samuel Adams' Utopias, the strongest beer in the world.
-- Thieves steal $100,000 of donated food, toys in Orange County. NBC Los Angeles
-- Louisiana restaurants sue vendors after point-of-sale hack. PC World
-- Pregnant "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi poses nude for magazine. Hindustan Times
-- Potatomato pops into Mercantile.
-- China welcomes back Canadian bacon. AFP
-- J&D's, the folks who make bacon salt, bring you these new bacon products: BaconPOP popcorn, bacon ranch dressing and bacon-flavored envelopes.
-- Tacos El Fenix: The real Baja fish taco. Gourmet Pigs
-- Some Premium Edge cat foods recalled due to thiamine deficiency. L.A. Unleashed
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Chef Kris Morningstar, middle, chats with a customer at Mercantile in Hollywood. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times.

Sampler Platter: Meat grown in a lab for first time; we're wasting more food than ever; road food flowchart

HamburgerbeakerWould you eat meat grown in a lab? Or drink wine made by a stockbroker? This and more in today's food news roundup.
-- Scientists reportedly grow meat in a lab for the first time! Telegraph
-- Eating the Road debuts its Where Should I Eat? Chain Restaurant Flowchart.
-- After East, David Judaken's next venture will be Hollywood nightclub MY Spot. Eater LA
-- Music to inspire chef José Andrés: Elton John, Ennio Morricone, Counting Crows. KCRW
-- Every Thanksgiving turns into a pie fight at Mommie Helen's in Colton. Wall Street Journal
-- The 99 Cent Chef makes holiday stuffing cupcakes with cranberry frosting.
-- A wave of MBAs and bankers turn winemaking into the second career du jour. New York Times
-- Americans waste more food than ever before -- nearly 40% of the food supply. Discover
-- Philadelphia restaurant firebombed. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
-- Full Yield dietary program thinks health savings start in the company cafeteria. New York Times
-- Where Washington D.C.'s elite go to eat: Komi, Charlie Palmer, the Palm, the Oval Room, Bombay Club, Ben's Chili Bowl and more. CNN
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

Sampler Platter: Hardee's in Pakistan, bacon flights in Palm Springs, stolen bees in Matamata

Hardee's in Lahore, Pakistan

Bee thieves, suggestions for food that should be thrown at celebrity chefs and all sorts of pre-Turkey Day food news.

-- Thieves steal more than a million bees from New Zealand beekeeper. NZHerald.com
-- Ten celebrity chefs and the foods that should be thrown at them. Westworld
-- CKE Restaurants opens first Hardee's in Pakistan. Associated Press
-- White House menu for state dinner for Prime Minister Singh. ABC News
-- Xiao long bao at Tampa Garden in Reseda. Stuffy Cheaks
-- People learn to cook from restaurant chefs so they can save money by cooking at home. Chicago Tribune
-- Even vegetarians hate Tofurkey. CNN
-- It's time for the annual Butterball hotline horror stories. Chicago Sun-Times
-- Eating LA digs Cheeky's in Palm Springs with its flight of four kinds of bacon and pumpernickel waffle.

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Hardee's in Lahore, Pakistan. Credit: Business Wire

Sampler Platter: sushi fraud, Paula Deen hit with flying ham, Portland's food carts, 11 restaurants in 11 hours

Celebrity chef Paula Deen

The TV queen of Southern food gets whacked with a ham at a charity event while Food Marathon leads intrepid gluttons on an epic restaurant crawl. More in today's food news roundup.
-- Sushi fraud! DNA tests reveal that "tuna" is often fake or endangered species. Wired
-- 13 restaurants in 11 hours: the 11 in 11 Food Marathon 
-- Portland's food carts, from New Mexico to poutine. Los Angeles Times
-- Hershey needs over $17 billion to top Kraft's offer for Cadbury. Wall Street Journal
-- Salon launches a food section
-- Paula Deen hit by a flying ham! WHEC
-- Police drop theft charges against two students who didn't tip. The Morning Call
-- Ben & Jerry's makes Maple Blondie ice cream in honor of Olympian Hannah Teter
-- Gift suggestion for beer lovers: "The Naked Pint." Brand X
-- OpenTable unveils list of 70+ L.A. restaurants that offer private dining services
-- The four acts of Ondal's spicy crab soup. Eat, Drink & Be Merry
-- Six reasons bacon is better than true love
-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Celebrity chef Paula Deen. Credit: Dr. Billy Ingram / Getty Images

Sampler Platter: bacon popcorn, useless kitchen appliances, Pabst brewery for sale

Photo: Rochon Armwood of Mother's in New Orleans stands firmly behind the restaurant's po' boys. Credit: Alex Brandon / For The Times.

Want to see more useless kitchen appliances than you can find in SkyMall? Or badly named Chinese knockoff brands? Or squash blossom quesadillas? You've come to the right place.
--You think they've put bacon in everything, then you discover bacon popcorn! Uncrate
--20 of the world's most useless kitchen appliances. Restyle Your Kitchen
--Gather your pennies, hipsters. Pabst Brewing Co. is for sale. New York Post
--Husband leaves his wife after she forces him to eat cake for every meal. Metro
--40 chefs under 40, only one from L.A.: Matt Molina (#38), Mozza executive chef. MNN
--Kiss My Bundt needs to sell 5,000 mini-bundt cakes in the next few weeks to stay open.
--The wackiest Chinese knockoffs. "Nalencia" oranges? Yum. Business Insider
--A photographic ode to the po'boy. New York Times
--Costco bans Coca-Cola due to pricing dispute. Consumerist
--Wine DJ iPhone app, which helps you pair music with vino, launches.
--Berkeley cracks down on Cupkates truck. California Taco Trucks
--First it's pumpkins, now an Eggo shortage. Signs of the end times? Google
--Food Court LA becoming Spacecraft-designed gastropub? Blackburn + Sweetzer
--Squash blossom quesadillas on the Gold Line. 99 Cent Chef
--MillerCoors contributes $500,000 to water education. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
--"Eating Animals," Jonathan Safran Foer's new pro-vegetarian book, gets a mostly positive review from the Los Angeles Times and a meh one from the New York Times.

--Elina Shatkin

Photo: Rochon Armwood of Mother's in New Orleans stands firmly behind the restaurant's po' boys. Credit: Alex Brandon / For The Times.


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