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Sampler Platter: Inhalable chocolate, raccoon barbecue and deep-dish pizza

The Calabrese pizza topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, Chino Farms rapini, Calabrian chiles and bottarga at Pizza Ortica in Costa Mesa. Credit: Brian Vander Brug / Los Angeles Times.

A special Tuesday mix of legitimate food news and random silliness...

  • Inhalable chocolate: Art project, hoax or humanity's greatest invention? FOX News
  • Chicagoans miffed, angered, brokenhearted that Obama orders a deep-dish pizza from St. Louis. Chicago Tribune
  • In a quick over-the-weekend sleight-of-hand, the Groundwork outpost in the arts district of downtown L.A. closed and re-emerged as the Novel Café. Downtown News
  • Man stabbed after he allegedly wouldn’t cough up $5 for beer run. Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Although Democratic Rep. Jimmy Naifeh's 18-year stint as speaker of the Tennessee House is over, his annual raccoon barbecue, the Coon Supper, will continue. Phew. WHNT
  • Burger King will scrap a controversial ad for the Texican Whopper, a Whopper topped with chili con carne, jalapeños and spicy mayo that's being sold in Europe. The ads, which Mexico had protested, feature a short Mexican luchador draped in his country's flag. Reuters
  • Hugo Molina (Parkway Grill) once again steps behind the stove with Seta, a "New American" restaurant that's "part steakhouse, part Latin, part Asian and all Hugo." Zagat
  • Fullerton-based chain the Flame Broiler will replace Wienerschnitzel‎ and Steak Escape at the Crossroads in Irvine. Stick A Fork In It

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: The Calabrese pizza topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, Chino Farms rapini, Calabrian chiles and bottarga at Pizza Ortica in Costa Mesa. Credit: Brian VanderBrug / Los Angeles Times.

Sampler Platter: Curry summit, National Beer Day, Cat Cora and the MIT chocolate lab

Jungle curry with pork at Jitlada Thai Restaurant in Hollywood. (Credit: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)

A big, fat, juicy dose of food news...

  • Inside MIT's Laboratory for Chocolate Science. Yes, that is a real place. Boston Globe
  • Iron Chef Cat Cora's partner, Jennifer, gives birth to the couple's third child. Cora is expecting the couple's fourth child in June. Huffington Post
  • Chefs at British "curry summit" call for national college dedicated to Indian cookery. Guardian
  • Opening of Dean & Deluca in Fashion Island in Newport Beach delayed until 2010. Stick A Fork In It
  • LA Mill in Silver Lake sits on top of microquake epicenter. LAist
  • Brewers and politicians join forces to call for National Beer Day in the U.K. The Herald
  • Obesity kills more Americans than terrorism. Consumerist
  • Do healthful eating options on a menu actually make people eat less healthfully? New York Times
  • Legislators consider banning trans-fats in … Texas?! Business Week
  • West Virginia kills a bill requiring restaurants to post nutritional info. Forbes
  • The bakers from "Ace of Cakes" build a Hubble-themed dessert to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Goddard Space Flight Center. Fox News

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo: Jungle curry with pork at Jitlada Thai restaurant in Hollywood. (Credit: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times).

Sampler Platter: Offal art, marshmallow Peeps, kogi in the O.C.

Honeycomb Tripe

Monday food news...

  • Explore the fashion and artistry of raw meat in "Offal Taste," a photo series filled with beef heart necklaces, tripe brassieres, a headdress made of animal intestines and more. Eat Me Daily
  • Easter-themed food meme of the week: Some fanatic compiles "Marshmallow Peeps on the Internet -- A Study," 130 Peep websites worth visiting. Unlikely Words
  • In Saveur magazine's 12 Restaurants That Matter, the only L.A. joint is... Musso & Frank. (The eateries are listed in the tab on the left that says "Articles.")
  • Franklin Avenue gets hip to Jitlada's southern Thai cuisine at this weekend's Songkran Thai New Year Festival.
  • Kogi truck will be coming to the O.C. Fast Food Maven
  • Glenn Close can stuff a fistful of carrots in her mouth. Daily Mail

-- Elina Shatkin

Credit: Bob Carey / Los Angeles Times


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