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Chowhound readers have spoken: Langer's Deli is L.A.'s best

Chowhound puts it thusly:

This year, by the barest of margins, pastrami trumped lobster and MacArthur Park trumped Melrose.

For eight years now, the food blog has been asking readers to decide “the ultimate Los Angeles restaurant.” And for the last three of those eight years, the readers have bestowed that honor upon Providence. This year? Chowhound readers say it's Langer's Deli.

-- Rene Lynch

Photo: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times

Sampler Platter: A rave review from Oprah, insane recipes from the Futurist Cookbook and cow brain curry

Witches' Fingers, sugar cookies with raspberry jam for cuticles and sliced almonds for fingernails, from recently opened Village Bakery and Cafe in Atwater Village.

The most insane cookbook you will ever read, news about Doughboys and cow brains top today's food news roundup.

-- L.A.-based vegan chef Tal Ronnen, author of "The Conscious Cook," makes an appearance on "Oprah" today -- and The O calls him the best vegan chef in America.
-- Welcome to the Futurist Cookbook, featuring battered and deep-fried roses, a chicken stuffed with ball bearings, salami cooked in espresso and then flavored with eau de Cologne. And then it gets weird. “I’m dazzled! Your genius frightens me!” The Smart Set
-- Recipe: butterscotch cashew bars. Why? Because they sound amazing. James Beard Foundation
-- Cow brain curry at Raso Minang in West Covina. Why? Because it sounds amazing. Gourmet Pigs
-- The 99-Cent Chef visits the cornucopia of carts in MacArthur Park.
-- Is your seafood hurting the planet? Greenspace
-- Want to keep up with the latest food recalls? Sign up for Safe Tables' e-alerts.
-- Irvine local Hai Vo wins Brower Youth Award for his efforts to get the UC system to commit to 20% real food procurement by 2020.
-- Per property owner Charlie Jacob, Doughboys is shooting for a Dec. 1 opening. Blackburn + Sweetzer
-- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wades into the bagel wars. New York Daily News
-- Just in time for Halloween: Witches' Fingers -- sugar cookies with raspberry jam for cuticles and sliced almonds for fingernails -- from the recently opened Village Bakery and Cafe in Atwater Village.

-- Elina Shatkin

Photo credit: Sue Sawyer

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