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Breaking the pasta code


There are more shapes of pasta than any one living person could possibly remember. And especially these days, it seems like every restaurant that serves the stuff tries to outdo its competitors by finding ever newer and stranger shapes (remember when strangolapreti -- "priest chokers" -- were cutting edge?). If you've ever puzzled over what, exactly, are the differences among gemelli, fusilli and spirali, a website called "Charming Italy" has put together a neat graphic. Granted, there are some quibbles. Why, for example, are ravioli -- of all things -- not included in the stuffed pasta category? And you'll search in vain for strangolapreti (or even strozzapreti). Still, it's pretty cool and if they only had one that would fit in your wallet, it would be even more useful.

-- Russ Parsons

Scanwiches: The meaty truth behind the popular sandwich blog

4 sandwiches from Scanwiches

Jon Chonko looks at sandwiches the way a dendrologist might look at tree rings. The density of the bread, the color of the meat . . . you never know what culinary and cultural riches a double-decker Reuben might hold. Then again, maybe he just likes them because of how neat they look.

When Chonko, 24, a designer at Manhattan ad firm thehappycorp global, launched his sandwich picture blog, Scanwiches, less than two months ago, he had a simple concept that he executed even more simply. The site's high-res, close-up scans of halved sandwiches floating against a black sea proved instantly appealing.

"It was going to be a quick little lunch blog to encourage me to eat at new places in the neighborhood, and try different types of sandwiches," Chonko says. "Then it got really popular, and I felt obligated to keep it up."

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