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Deep-fried cupcakes? This Is Why You're Fat


Do you like to look at pictures of "deliciously gross food" such as this cupcake that has been deep fried and then drenched in chocolate syrup and topped off with sprinkles?

Well, someone out there does. Within three days of launching this month, a blog and website dedicated to food porn -- the aptly titled ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com -- pulled in more than 3 million pages views. (The blog's subtitle: Where dreams become heart attacks.)

"We thought it was a very good idea, but we were both very surprised at how it caught on." That's one of the co-creators -- she prefers to be identified as Creator No. 1 and declines to be identified because she and her partner are in the media and want to avoid making themselves part of the story behind the blog, to keep the focus on the food.

A little mystery never hurt either.

"It started because we were joking about how there are all these really nasty pictures of fatty foods floating around on the Internet. We’re like, "Do people really eat this? Are people posting these photos as a badge of honor?'"

They started collecting images on Feb. 1 and launched Feb. 9, and it's been pinging around the Internet ever since, thanks in no small part to mentions by Time, The Atlantic, the New York Times, etc.

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Requiem for a doughnut


The Los Angeles area has its share of terrific doughnut shops -- Donut Man in Glendora, Stan's in Westwood, Bob's in the Farmers Market, as well as the dozens of mom-and-pop shops permeating the region's strip malls -- but to my belly, one rose above them all: Frittelli's Doughnuts & Coffee.

Frittelli's didn't simply make donuts. They wove sugar, dough, fruit and chocolate into poetry.

It was a small, easily overlooked store on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, not an area known for its plebeian fare. But if there's anywhere consumers are willing to pay exorbitant amounts for gentrified food (and clothes and housewares and ... ), this would be the neighborhood. Still, $3 for a doughnut didn't make it an easy sell. Until I tried my first cake doughnut at Frittelli's.

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