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Twitter #Weekendeats highlights: Who needs a brownie?


There really is no such thing as a bad time for a brownie. Bad breakup? Eat an entire pan. Need a snack? Indulge in a single square. Housewarming? Bake a batch. The excuses for eating brownies are endless and apparently our #weekendeats family couldn't agree more or resist over the weekend. We had a varied mix of food and cocktails this morning during our #weekendeats chat on Twitter but the shared pictures of brownies left a lasting impression and a yearning for some chocolate. Here are the highlights:

Pictured above are a plate of decadent chocolate brownies from the blog Deliciously Directionless, who wrote "a plate-full of bliss, polished off in a matter of minutes." Dave Volpe of the blog The Starving Artist shared a recipe and picture of a batch of outrageous brownies he made with his new oven. For those who want to indulge but keep it healthy, Yuri, also known as @chefpandita on Twitter shared a picture of "guilt free" brownies that are raw and vegan.

Other highlights included a fun twist on grape leaves made with Swiss chard leaves from Aliya Leekong, a cake made entirely of sprinkle sugar cookies from Buttercream Blondie and a recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese with smoked cheddar cheese and a kick of cayenne pepper.

After the chat, we ask people to upload pictures of their #weekendeats to our What did you eat this weekend? photo gallery. We'll feature some of the photos here on Daily Dish, so be sure to check back for more #weekendeats and #foodporn throughout the week.

Hope to see everyone next Monday morning on Twitter! It's sure to be a drool-worthy good time.


Test Kitchen video tip: Choosing a bread wash

Dinner tonight! Grilled salmon salad

How sharp are your kitchen knives?

-- Jenn Harris

Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/Jenn_Harris_

Photo: Plate of brownies. Credit: Deliciously Directionless

Live discussion: It's lunchtime with Jonathan Gold!


Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold returns Wednesday for his weekly live chat, "Lunchtime With Mr. Gold." Tune in at noon and bring your questions. He'll be here to answer as many of your dining queries as he can get to in half an hour. So get ready! 

Maybe you've got a craving for fried chicken. Or need to know where to get your fill of pork belly.  Best Chinese food on the Westside? Best Italian submarine sandwich in Los Angeles? You get the idea. Got culinary questions? Gold's your man.

Come back here Wednesday at noon. You can sign up below for an email reminder ahead of the live discussion.


From the recipe archive: Zucchini bread

Getting lucky at breakfast, or simple syrup to the rescue

Dinner tonight! Free-form zucchini lasagna

Photo: Jonathan Gold. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times.

Chatting live with L.A. Times Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter

Alton Brown, Alicia Silverstone and Tom Colicchio issue a call to arms

The New York City Wine & Food Festival was a foodiot's dream: The Rachael Ray burger bash; the wine, beer, hard shots and margaritas that flowed at the all-you-could-imbibe supermarket tasting; and the orgy of dishes served at Paula Deen and Katie Lee's Down South Up North party. It was enough to make you momentarily forget the point: 100% of the proceeds from the four-day event will be used locally -- by Share Our Strength and the Food Bank for New York City -- to eradicate hunger.

But away from this spotlight, there was another party of sorts being thrown. And the hosts were an unlikely trio: Alton Brown of "Good Eats," Tom Colicchio of "Top Chef" and actress Alicia Silverstone. These gatherings were a bit more sober -- alas, no free-flowing alcohol and no food -- but with a stirring message that challenged those in the audience to take a skeptical look at everything they put in their mouths, or on their children's plates.

The message? We've heard much of it before. Eat seasonally. Eat locally. Enjoy food in moderation. Learn to cook and nourish yourself and your family -- it's the single most important thing you can do for them. Teach your kids to cook. Eat with gratitude -- consider the source of your food, whether it's the person who prepared it, the farmer who brought it to market, or the cow that gave of itself to deliver that glass of milk (or steak). Don't rely on government to monitor your food -- you need to monitor what you eat, and where it originates. If you pick up a packaged item at the supermarket -- stop and look at the label, read the ingredients, check the nutritional values. And ask yourself: Is this something you can make yourself out of fresh ingredients? And if not, do you really want your family ingesting it?

If that all sounds boring, it wasn't. It was the unexpected delivery -- well, actually, the celebrity messengers -- that added the fresh perspective. Brown, for one, sounded like an evangelist (he recently lost 50 pounds) and his new outlook on a healthful life offered insight into why "Good Eats" -- at least in its current incarnation -- might not be long for this TV world.

The highlights from each of these three sessions are after the jump. (And if you were in attendance, please share your thoughts:

Continue reading »

Street fight: The pho is flying

Street_3It started with: "$16 pho? are you kidding me?"

And then all heck broke loose in the comments box.

Street hasn't even opened yet, but when Eater LA posted chef-owner Susan Feniger's menus, who knew there'd be a brawl in the town square over everything from whether one should go to Vietnam for one's pho ("50 cents in vietnam! lets go!") to the value of bloggers ("it always cracks me up how bloggers are criticizing before they even taste or have experienced the place/dish")? 

Heated debate ensued, but things got really ugly by comment No. 19. ... Hello, mediator? I wouldn't wish "eboli" on anyone.

What a relief when someone showed up soon thereafter (in top hat and bow tie) with: "Sounds perfect. Can't wait."

Mention of Porto's potato balls (again) in comment No. 39 seemed to calm things down, though someone was still seething by comment No. 45, and there are still some punches being thrown.

Meanwhile, $16 pho?

-- Betty Hallock

Photo of Susan Feniger at Street by Ann Johansson/Los Angeles Times

Chat with Times Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter


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