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Meet the new Burger King bacon sundae


How do you up the classic ice cream sundae made with vanilla ice cream and swirls of hot fudge and caramel? Maybe rainbow sprinkles? If you're Burger King, you add bacon.

The fast food restaurant chain has launched a  limited-edition summer menu, and the star of its lineup of summer barbecue-inspired burgers and fries is none other than a bacon sundae. The new dessert features vanilla BK soft serve, chocolate fudge, caramel and bacon crumbles. If that's not enough bacon for you, the sundae is garnished with a piece of thick-cut hardwood-smoked bacon for dipping.

The rest of the menu reads like the chalkboard at a barbecue restaurant you'd find somewhere in the South, with items such as the Memphis pulled-pork sandwich, Carolina barbecue sandwiches, Texas barbecue sandwiches, frozen lemonade and sweet potato fries.

The sundae and the rest of the menu are available starting this week at participating Burger King locations.


Dinner tonight! Croque-madame

An affront to the good name of 'bacon'

From the L.A. Times recipe archive: Maple bacon biscuits

-- Jenn Harris


Photo: Bacon sundae from Burger King. Credit: Noel Barnhurst / Burger King / Associated Press.

Nascar fans, meet the funnel bacakonator


Charlotte Motor speedway in North Carolina geared up for the Bank of America 500 Nascar Sprint Cup series this week with a new menu. To help amp up the crowd, they introduced some unique eats.

Nothing says fast cars and burning rubber like the funnel bacakonator. This bad boy belongs with the artery-clogging, greasy, gluttonous offerings you're likely to find at a county fair. The bacakonator consists of a large funnel cake drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauces, topped with a hefty helping of bacon.

Also on the menu is the Charlotte pimento mac 'n' cheese burger. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like (but more): an Angus beef burger topped with a scoop of pimento mac 'n' cheese, then covered in crumbled pork rinds. I can't tell if my heart is pounding from sheer excitement or fear.

For the health-conscious, the Danica Patrick "Fit Fuel" menu will debut at the speedway. It includes such options as a turkey burger, veggie burger and grilled chicken sandwich.

-- Jenn Harris


Photo: The funnel bacakonator. Credit: Charlottemotorspeedway.com.

An affront to the good name of 'bacon'


Bacon cannot speak for itself. So I will speak on its behalf. Who's with me? It has come to my attention that the term "bacon" is being sullied. It's now being used as a shorthand label for all the nonsense cluttering your email in-box, the stuff that falls somewhere between email from a Nigerian businessman and urgent notification that your credit limit has been ... exceeded. You know, all the coupons, recipes, newsletters, updates, tips, sales, tricks and alerts that you willingly signed up for at one point and now just delete, delete, delete when you see them stacking up:

"Bacon is all of your Facebook notifications or bank e-mails saying that a bill is due," says Tommy Vallier, a social media consultant and one of the people that coined the term at a Pittsburgh technology conference in 2007. "We came up with the word just as bacon really started to become a problem."

It's such a problem that now we have "How to manage e-mail in-box bacon" suggestions, and there's even a service ($20 a year) to help you unsubscribe to it all.

Don't get me wrong, such tips and services all sound swell. But do we have to sully the good name of bacon? Can't we come up with another name? Like, e-clutter? Or, I don't know, how about "unwanted e-mails?" Why call it bacon? Do you join me in my outrage?


I know what you ate this weekend

Get out of the veggie rut

What's hot: 91 of the latest recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen

--Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Bacon Love. Credit: Not On Display via Flickr 

A few tasty tidbits on Sunday's Cochon 555 event

Bacon! St. Vibiana’s has seen many makeovers, transforming from an ultraslick nightclub into a tween-friendly prom venue, or from an immaculate wedding chapel into a medieval masquerade ball in a matter of days. This Sunday, the Baroque-inspired cathedral will morph again, this time into a shrine of swine, as Brady Lowe and his traveling porkapalooza, Cochon 555, roll into downtown.

The inaugural Los Angeles event is a carnal gantlet for pork lovers, where five heritage pig farmers and five vintners are paired with five local chefs. Each chef is then challenged to create a snout-to-tail feast for 400 guests, who will serve as judges alongside a selected panel. The goal is to introduce patrons and chefs to new brands and breeds, showcasing some of the best pork each region has to offer.

Because of L.A.’s enthusiastic response and rapid sellout, Lowe felt he needed to up the ante.

Sunday's event will feature two butcher demos instead of one, an extra bar and an additional winery. There will be an additional 60 pounds of bacon from La Quercia, an extra kilo of caviar for the VIP room, and Chris Pollan from the Cheese Store of Silver Lake will be serving up his wares. In addition, this will be the first time a musical component has been added -- DJ Lord from Public Enemy and Egon from Stones Throw Records will spin as guests swirl into a swine-induced stupor.

Adding a sacrificial element, butchering demos will take place in front of the main altar. There will also be a freestyle butchering competition and the Bacon Hall of Fame, where exceptional producers of hormone- and antibiotic-free cured and smoked meat will be showcased. In the VIP area, Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura of Lindy & Grundy will break down a Kume Kume pig, a small spotted Maori breed native to New Zealand.

Tender Belly Farms will be providing Hereford, Spotted Poland and Hampshire pork to be used by Ben Ford (Ben Ford's Filling Station), Tim Godell (Public Kitchen and Bar) and Chad Colby (Osteria Mozza), respectively. Octavio Becerra of Palate Food & Wine will be work with Berkshire from ReRide Ranch, and Joshua Whigham of the Bazaar will use the Red Wattle breed from Walnut Keep Farm & Vineyard.

Most chefs are tight-lipped about what they have in store for the competition, and are wary of any definitive speculation.

“It may come down to traditionalist versus modernist. If that’s the case, it could be Josh Whigham,” says Ford. “I will say this, though: Chad Colby is the only guy whose head cheese I’d eat.”

To get the full rundown on Cochon 555, plus a porcine photo gallery, read on. >>>

-- Krista Simmons

Follow me on Twitter @kristasimmons

Photo courtesy of Cochon 555

Chicks with Knives host a pickling pop-up

PERISHABLE INDEX PAGE Pickling and pop-ups are all the rage these days, and Rachael Narins and Suzanne Griswold of Chicks With Knives are jumping on the trend.

The ladies will be hosting a pickle party called Perishable, where they'll host a DIY demo, complete with passed apps and drinks -- including mini mac n' cheese with fennel and flower pickles and bacon-jam tartlettes (Kevin Gillespie would be pleased).

For those who want to take the project home, they'll be peddling spice mix for $2 and pickling kits for $20. They'll also have some of their own pre-made jars for sale for folks who can't be bothered with brining.

Perishable doesn't have a long shelf life, though. The event is one day only, Sept. 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. There is a door fee of $5 for adults and $1 for children under 12.

You can check out their site for more details (and to peep at the adorable design, which Rachael pulled together herself).

--Krista Simmons

Graphic credit: Rachael Narins

Bacon Bits: Vodka, chocolate and pancetta

All the recent bacon news that's fit to print...

Andy Richter: "Oh, God, it's awful!"
Conan O'Brien: "It's really that bad?"
Andy: "I don't know what's worse, the smell or the taste."
Conan: "I can smell it from here. It's like fermented Bac-O bits."

-- Elina Shatkin


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