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Food FYI: Wine scoring, 'It' grills and cocoa crumbs

July 2, 2012 |  9:00 am



While most important American-based wine publications have always caclulated their wine scores on a 100-point scale, it was a point of pride to the Brits and others that they had their own way of measuring. I say "was" because British-based Decanter magazine, the oldest and still one of the best publications in the field, has just announced it is revamping it's buying guide and basing it on, yes, a 100-point scale. What's next? "Fruit Bombs"?


It's kind of a ritual at this time of year: Somebody writes an overview of what is going on in the high-end grilling world. This year it's Forbes and it's a doozy. The "bargain" set-up -- little more than a grill and a rack -- is $400. Lord help me I want one of those Grillworks, the next time I have a spare $3,000 lying around. Until then, I'll have to just stick with my Weber.


What's the rage in Paris desserts these day? My old friend Dorie Greenspan says it's cocoa crumbs. The co-author of Pierre Herme's American books, she should know. She had them for dessert at a favorite  restaurant one night, and then walking home, the pastry chef at another of her favorite spots pulled her in to try her own rendition. How come that kind of stuff never happens to me?


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-- Russ Parsons

Photo: The Grillery Standard from Grillworks. Credit: Grillworks