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Test Kitchen tips: Homemade ricotta

May 17, 2012 |  2:57 pm


A couple of years ago Food Editor Russ Parsons wrote about the simplicity of making your own fresh ricotta:

When it comes to most things around the house, I'm about the most unhandy guy you've ever seen. I can't hang a picture straight. But when it comes to cooking, I go a little do-it-yourself crazy. The last couple of weeks I've been making my own ricotta. Before you dismiss this as just another wacky fad, trust me — you've got to give it a try.

It doesn't require any special equipment, and you can find all of the ingredients at your neighborhood grocery. And the results are so much better than almost any commercial ricotta you can buy that you won't believe it's the same stuff. This is ricotta you can — and maybe should — eat by itself.

It takes just a few ingredients and the cheese comes together in less than an hour. Taste freshly homemade against a store-bought brand and there's no comparison. Continue reading below for a step-by-step tutorial to see how easy it is, then check out these recipes:

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-- Noelle Carter

Photos: Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times

Step 1:
Combine milk and buttermilk in pot and heat.

Step 2:
A skin begins to form at 165 degrees.

Step 3:
At 185 degrees, the mixture is ready for the remaining ingredients.

Step 4:
Salt and vinegar are added and curds start to form. Remove from heat.

Step 5:
Curds form as mixture is stirred.

Step 6:
Ricotta is strained from the whey.

Step 7:
Strain for 5 to 10 minutes to remove excess liquid.