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Test Kitchen video tip: Making a cornet

March 12, 2012 |  6:00 am

Stressed because you need to pipe a birthday message on a cake and don’t have a proper piping bag?  Who isn’t?

Make a cornet out of parchment paper. It’s a great and inexpensive trick if you don’t have the fancy culinary tools available. You can also use a cornet to precisely drizzle glaze over your cinnamon buns, or in the case of our recent SOS recipes for Lucca Cafe's brownies and Pete's Cafe's bread pudding, to drizzle chocolate or a colorful sauce over a finished dish.

Check out the video above, or for a quick step by step, follow the jump below:

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-- Amanda Burrill

Video credit: Myung Chun / Los Angeles Times. Photos: Noelle Carter.

1. Start with a triangular piece of parchment paper. Use a smaller sheet to make a smaller cornet for more precision work (writing, fine details), and a larger sheet/cornet for less detailed work.



2. With the center tip of the triangle facing away from you, begin to roll one of the edges toward the center.  Grab the shorter edge if your triangle isn't perfectly symmetrical.  Pull the edge up and away from you to form a "tip" toward the bottom of the roll.



3. Continue rolling, adjusting your cone size but maintaining the sharp tip.



4. Grasp firmly and bring the other edge of the triangle around the cone.



5. When the desired shape of the cone is formed, take the outer edge of the parchment paper and start to fold it into the cornet.



6. Fold in the outer edge so the cornet holds its shape.



7. Finished cornet. Fill the cornet no more than halfway, then fold the top over several times to seal in the filling. Use scissors or a knife to cut open the tip to the desired size.