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Test Kitchen tips: Homemade pasta

February 17, 2012 | 12:26 pm

PastastephenosmanThat kids love pasta is one of those parenting truisms that begins as relief (it's easy, it's cheap), quickly graduates to fatigue, and usually culminates in parody. I still remember the Year of the Noodle, in which my daughter ate almost nothing but milk and buttered ziti.

Instead of fighting this (it won't work), try harnessing it. Ask, what would Marcella do? Marcella Hazan, that is, the go-to Italian food authority in my house.

Making your own pasta is fun, a lot easier than it sounds, and your children will probably love it too. What kid doesn't love playing with food?

Pasta-making is a bit like a kid's project anyway. Mix flour and eggs together into something that resembles Play-Doh. Then roll it out, cut it into funny shapes, boil it and eat it under a spoonful of sauce.

The above is from a great story on homemade pasta from former Food staff writer Amy Scattergood. If you've never tried it before, homemade pasta is amazingly simple. And easy. And fun! Oh, and it makes a great weekend cooking project. No worries, recipes are included:

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