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Green Truck to visit the LAPD festival of skid row artists

January 27, 2012 | 11:40 am


Food truck fare is known for being tastebud-friendly, but not necessarily healthful. The Green Truck and Gardein team is trying to accomplish both. In January, Green Truck, a food truck dedicated to organic, sustainable cooking, and Gardein, makers of meatless protein products, got together to launch the "Cheat on Meat" campaign. The Green Truck and Gardein food carts travel to various L.A. communities to sell and distribute samples of their wholesome products.

"Part of Gardein’s mission is to make healthy vegan, nutritious food available to the people who need it most -- those low-income families who by and large only have access to McDonalds," said Colette Brooks, Meat cheater and marketing representative for Gardein.

GardeinburgerThe Green Truck will make an appearance at the Los Angeles Poverty Department's (LAPD) second annual skid row artists festival in Gladys Park on Friday from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Public art will be displayed along with a stage for live performances of poetry, music, rap and more.

Attendees can feast on vegetarian dishes from the truck that will showcase the Gardein meatless products and the Green Truck's signature sauces, including the Cheat on Meat beefless sliders made with Gardein's ultimate beefless slider, grilled onions, fresh arugula, lemon and heirloom tomato ($3 for one or $5 for two), the vegan shawarma miniature wrap made with cornmeal-crusted Gardein beefless tips, hummus, cherry tomatoes, arugula and marinated onions ($5) or the chick'n and nopalitos tacos made with nopalitos (marinated cactus), Gardein's grilled chick'n strips and ancho chile-pineapple salsa ($3 for one or $5 for two).

The festival will take place at Gladys park Friday and Saturday at the corner of 6th and Gladys Street in skid row from noon to 4 p.m. Admission is free.


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 -- Jenn Harris

Photos, from top: A Gardein food cart stationed at a Whole Foods Market to dole out free samples, inviting shoppers to "cheat on meat"; the Gardein ultimate beef-less burger. Credit: Gardein 2012.