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Barbecuing the Cowboy way

January 19, 2012 |  8:00 am

WaltFootball fans of a certain vintage will remember Walt Garrison as the epitome of the Dallas Cowboys. After all, he was the only Cowboy who really was a cowboy. Back in those halcyon days, he actually rodeo-ed in the off-season -- today, big-money contracts will hardly let players do so much as jump on a bicycle, much less bulldog a steer. Younger fans might remember him for his once-ubiquitous commercials for chewing tobacco, where he’d grimace at the camera and instruct that the pathway to true cowboy-hood lay with “just a peench between your cheek and gum.”

What do old Cowboys do when they can no longer run the ball, wrestle barnyard animals or spit chaw? Well, of course, they go on the barbecue circuit. And that’s just what Garrison is doing now. He’s got a dry rub to season meat before cooking, a barbecue sauce to use at the end, and a dipping sauce to use in case those first two didn’t work. He’s also got a variety of salsas, including one made with black-eyed peas. Now that’s cowboy!


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--Russ Parsons

Photo: Former Dallas Cowboy Walt Garrison. Credit: Walt Garrison Foods