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More musings on deep-fried butter

August 10, 2011 |  3:30 pm

DeepfriedA writer from the Health section -- yes, Health -- goes to the Orange County Fair for more than funnel cakes: 

Let's face it -- going to a county fair is like getting a free pass to junk food land. All bets are off, and no one gives you the admonishing finger if you follow a platter-size funnel cake with a deep-fried Oreo chaser. In fact, while carrying around the deep-fried butter I was bestowed admiring glances from other fair-goers. You have to love a place that offers something called a "Coronary Combo" of deep-fried butter and chocolate covered bacon.

Of course, eating the artery-clogging treat (and the rest of the stuff I'll tell you about in a minute) was all done in the name of journalistic investigation. Or something. I was here to find out if fair foods are all they're cracked up to be. Are they really worth the calories and the extra hit of Metformin, even if it's a once-a-year thing?

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See next Monday's Health section focusing on dining out. What if chefs could trim up to 25% of the calories from their dishes without sacrificing taste?  The L.A. Times asked chefs from local restaurants Ammo,  Melisse and Street to see if they could trim up to 25% of the calories from their dishes without sacrificing taste. Also: restaurant letter health grades deconstructed and a look at a new healthy fast-food restaurant chain created by former McDonald’s executives.     

Photo: Deep-fried butter with whipped cream. Credit: Jeannine Stein/Los Angeles Times.