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Video: First Lady Michelle Obama has never looked worse


Whether you love First Lady Michelle Obama or you hate her, you have to admit that this is quite an unflattering portrait of FLOTUS. She's got sausage arms and a thick waist. And she is wearing what is quite possibly the worst superhero get-up of all time. What is with that shabby cape? And those awful knee-highs?

In other words, I LOVE this video.

So what is all this? Well, it's been a trend of late for animators around the globe to quickly give news events the cartoon treatment. The results are hilarious. (I first saw this when the Conan O'Brien versus NBC flap exploded. Tell me if it goes back even further.)

Here, animators offer up their take on this week's news story about the dethroning of the Food Pyramid in place of the MyPlate graphic, all in an effort to help Americans improve their eating habits. Obama helped unveil the new graphic on Thursday.



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--Rene Lynch
twitter.com / renelynch

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Why is Aunt Ester giving nutrition advice....where was Rollo? It's the big one Elizabeth!

egads... Michelle's people need to pull this and re-do it. Looks like a double chin, poundage she does not have and swollen body. She has fine features and these are not even similar.


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