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Save the puppies. Buy a fish spatula.

June 16, 2011 |  7:00 am

Usually, it's chef Gordon Ramsay delivering the memorable one-liners on "MasterChef," where 100 home cooks are vying for a $250,000 payday and bragging rights as the titleholder of "America's Best Home Cook." This week, that crowd was whittled down to 18, largely due to Ramsay's deft wielding of the verbal ax. He dispatched one organic farmer and his lame-o fish dish by bleating his decision: "E-I, E-I NO!"

But Tuesday night's best line belonged to chef Graham Elliot, who all but shuddered when he saw one competitor man-handling a flaky fish fillet, and said: "Every time someone uses a set of tongs on a delicate piece of fish, God kills a puppy."

Elliot didn't elaborate on this cooking commandment, but we found this 'splainer from Times Food Editor Russ Parsons on why fish spatulas are so handy in the kitchen:

Maybe it's a little thing, but have you ever noticed how normal frying spatulas always seem a little clunky to handle? A fish spatula is built to work from an angle rather than head-on. It's also thinner and lighter, which makes it better suited for handling delicate filets (hence the name). But they're by no means only good for seafood; they work just as well with eggs, crepes or just about anything fragile that needs turning.

Add it to the other culinary words of wisdom being handed down this season: Save the puppies. Buy a fish spatula.


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Photo: Elliot talks to one of the "MasterChef" contestants / Fox