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LudoBites' foie gras quesadilla draws protesters

Foie gras protest
Fans of pop-up restaurant LudoBites weren't the only ones who showed up to dinner last night for chef Ludo Lefebvre's foie gras quesadillas. Protesters from the Animal Protection and Rescue League gathered at Casa Pulido in Redondo Beach, holding signs and shouting, "Shame!" to some diners as they walked into the restaurant  -- where the final episode of the TV series "LudoBites America" was being shot.  

A melee of protesters, police and a camera crew crowded in front of the restaurant. "People are asking if this is part of the production," Ludo's wife and LudoBites partner, Krissy Lefebvre, said. "What production? This is a restaurant!" 

Meanwhile, diners were bent on getting their fattened duck liver. "At least one per table except the vegetarian table [ordered the foie gras], and many ordered two," Krissy Lefebvre said, "plus a couple of folks ordered a third."


Where to grub with Dad

The Taste food and wine festival 

How the heck do you pronounce Gaglioppo, anyway?

-- Betty Hallock

Photo: Betty Hallock / Los Angeles Times

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Great! The Nanny-State Nature Nazis are at it again. But don't worry -- while we're enjoying Ludo's quesadillas in the afterlife, they'll all be down on the fifth level of purgatory, consuming classic Cervelle Carpaccio a la Mengele.

Did we actually *order* a fourth?

In the afterlife these people likely will have food endlessly rammed down their throats with a blunt stick by a large demon untill their stomachs stretch and distend over and over for eternity.

They're right, it is cruel to force-feed animals. California has a law going into effect next year to ban the sale of products made by force-feeding animals, so I guess dig in while you can.

I think one table even ordered a 4th!


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