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City Council approves restaurants for LAX (Cole's in Terminal 4, ¡Loteria! Grill in Terminal 5, and more...)


After a contentious contract bidding process (and plenty of big talk about big-name restaurants), the Los Angeles City Council has approved plans by three concessions companies for new eats at LAX. Yes, it looks like there will be a ¡Lotería! Grill at Terminal 5. 

Expect an airport version of the Original Farmers Market at Terminal 5, including ¡Lotería! and Monsieur Marcel. The Original Farmers Market at LAX will feature longtime tenants such as T&Y Bakery, Magee's House of Nuts, Light My Fire and Three Dog Bakery. There will also be two locations of L.A.-based Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Last fall, Delaware North Cos., as part of a joint venture, was also selected by LAX to bring Skewers, a new Japanese yakitori concept by "Iron Chef" Masaharu Morimoto, to Terminal 5. Delaware North also operates Pink's Hot Dogs LAX and the Daily Grill in the Tom Bradley International Terminal, as well as the Encounter inside the LAX Theme Building.

Meanwhile, in Terminal 4, Host International will operate Cole's French Dip, Campanile, 8 Oz. Burger Bar, La Provence Patisserie & Café and L.A. Gourmet Street Truck -- a venue for a rotating roster of food trucks such as Buttermilk and Nom Nom. There will be Starbucks locations too. 

And in Terminals 7 and 8, CMS/Camacho Ventures is bringing Seven Grand, BLD, Yogurtland and more Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations. 


The Churchill to open on West 3rd Street

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Coney Dog!

-- Betty Hallock

Rendering of Cole's and L.A. Gourmet Street Truck courtesy of HMS Host

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That's fantastic. More cr@p food while we wait in achingly long lines to have our luggage taken, get molested or irradiated by grumpy TSA agents, have to pay fees just to bring on luggage, sit in cramped chairs on over-booked flights that arrive late. Yep. Things are really looking up.

Its about time LAX stepped up their game with revamp of the surrounding area and dining options. In comparison to most major US and some international cities some aspects of LAX seems to be stuck in a time warp. Its pretty embarrassing. Im pretty excited about the changes being made.

I just returned to Boston, following spending four hours in LAX Terminal Seven waiting for a delayed flight. Dingy terminal, uncomfortable seats, bad and overpriced food (breakfast muffin, juice, coffee plus sandwich for plane = 22 dollars), terribly overcrowded, and so noisy it was impossible to hear flight announcements.

What. A. Dump.

Friendly people, though... I always enjoy my trips to LA...

News Flash for John Dingler "artist" - It's now an Obama era tanking economy. That Bush guy has been out of office for nearly 2 1/2 years now. The statute of limitations on blaming a bad economy on one' s predecessor expired about a year ago.

Of course, if you had a clue when it came to ecomomics, you wouldn't be running around with a spray can creating your "art" on the L.A. River, railroad trestles, warehouse walls and MTA busses.

Sounds better than the food in the Doha airport at 4am..........

Why does it seem like they are always adding things to Terminal 5 and never to the other totally crappy ones. They do new construction on it, yet the other terminals have seats with ripped fabric. A bunch of them have 1 maybe 2 places to eat, which is especially annoying when those are the terminals that operate the budget airlines which don't have food on the plane, and you are stuck with whatever you can buy before boarding. I can't count the number of times I've landed starving because I couldn't find anything to get in the terminal and then there was nothing on board.

ate the worst food ever at the bradley terminal in april, 2009.it was also way overpriced! i hope these new places change that or i will not use lax again.

Heck in a handbasket.....

Even more places to fatten up our fat people even more.

Oops, I meant "Wow. Even more service jobs created for our Bush-era tanking economy."

No, "Good idea to provide more places to feed angry passengers who were famished during the flight by the lack of on-flight meals."

Terminal 4 needs a revamp. The food offerings in Terminal 4, LAX are just horrible. And the food is terrible. Ironic LA has some of the best restaurants and foods available in the US and yet take a good hard look at what it's airports. As a recent visitor I say to all of you - tell your officials to change - fast.

Viva Lotería!!! Great News that our airport can have good food.


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