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El Pollo Loco is feeling the heat

Apparently, people aren't so crazy about the chicken anymore. So El Pollo Loco is trying to reinvent itself. As The Times' Sharon Bernstein reports in the Business section, other "fast casual" places have supplanted it, relegating it to the realm of "fast food." Didn't know there was a difference? There's a lot of interesting background on this underreported industry. Among the features being considered:

It has dropped slow-selling items like steak tacos and tried to create buzz with a limited-time offering of fish tacos. New side dishes meant to appeal to more upscale consumers include sweet-potato fries, sweet corn cakes and grilled cut corn.


This is just creepy.

It's Burger Time!

Campanile to LAX?

-- Russ Parsons

Photo credit: Mariah Tauger/ Los Angeles Times

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I tried those steak tacos. They were a soggy, grease-soaked mess. And then I tried the sweet potato fries. They were a soggy lump of orange grease-soaked mess. Maybe Pollo should teach it's staff how to COOK these items in a way that makes them APPETIZING, instead of a gross-out. And the acid reflux is so bad they should offer Prilosec as a side dish.

el pollo loco was good, but i liked koo ko roo better AZ. BOOOO

Love El Pollo Loco but now living in WI--wish they would come here!


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